ReBirth |A Novel|

No one will ever look the same twice.

In the year 2701, everyone is set on loop. The world has become Pangaea once more, and is ruled by a cruel government. Weather The loop is a blessing or a curse, no one knows, but most people find it a gift from God. Others call it a curse from The Devil. People are born, they grow, they die, and it all just happens again. Every time, they have a knew appearance, and a new voice. They remember all of it. Jez Lauren is the only one who wants things to change. She's the only one who wants know why the world is on loop.

When Jez encounters Ian after her 190th rebirth, she finds herself falling in love. What she doesn't know, is his dad is the one in charge of The Rebirth Operation. Jez forms a group of people who want the Rebirth to come to an end, and they get ready to end it,Ian reveals who he is, and Jez begins to doubt it all. Can they end The Rebirth, or will it remain forever, the same old pattern?


4. III

Uh oh, I thought as Livia tapped her fingers on the table. She was not happy on any level. She almost looked....Scary. I bit my lip and waited for her to start screaming at me, but she didn't. She sat, tapping her fingers.

Tap, tap, tap, tap.. And so on.

"No call," she says, lacing her fingers together. "You hung up on me, and you lied, Jez. I can tell when you are or aren't."
I suck in my breath, closing my eyes. "Look, I'm sorry Livia, things have just been...weird lately."

She held up her hand, then stood up. I looked at her wearily as she pulled a phone out. "Fallow me, Jez."

I did, but I kept my guard up, closing my eyes as we walked down thirty flights of stairs, and stopped at the window-less level. She pulled open a door to a room, and I looked in. It was almost as if my room had been lowered. It took me a moment to realize it was my room, lowered like an elevator.

"Livia, what?" I asked, turning around to face her.

A government official came out from nowhere, and smiled. "You can see your mother now, Livia Greene,"

Livia flashed a look of pure sadness at me, then walked away. I was shoved into the room, and the door slammed shut. I began to run forward to yank it open, but the door rippled and disappeared.

"LET ME OUT!" I screamed over and over, hitting the door. "Just let me out!"

I knew no one would come, but I kept hitting it anyway.

Amazing what a little bit of hope can do.


I touch the silky bedspread, watching the dust swirl through the air. My mind wanders, listening to the sound of bird song. My white cotton dress is fanned out, and my hair is tied back with a ribbon. Boredom. What a stupid thing.

I sit up and pace the room, trying to keep myself occupied. A idea springs into my mind, and I snatch my book from the book shelf, grab my coin pouch, and run down the stairs. Nana Maria stops me and hands me a scone.

I smile, and put it in between my teeth, and begin to run. "Good morning Jasmine!"

I nod and continue to run, trying to get to the library fast. People greet me, I greet them. When I make it to the pond, I run through it keeping my book away from the surface. It is shallow, so it is not that hard. When I run into the library, the bottom of my dress is sopping.

"Mr. Angelo, I've had the grandest idea!" I say, smiling at him.

He's like my grandfather, that man. He smiles, a twinkle in his eye. "What is it Jasmine? What was so important you ran through the pond to get here?"

"I need books, and a table." I say, dropping my diary and money. I ran over and snatched three books; On Lizards, Regeneration, and one I couldn't read the title of. I begin to flip and scribble down important notes from the books, smiling.

"If you do not mind me asking, Jasmine, what is this grand idea?" Mr. Angelo asks me, looking over my shoulder.

Just a way for people to live forever....I think, but aloud,I reply;"It's a secret,"


I vault up in my bed and run over to my dresser, yanking it open. I snatch the diary and flip through the pages until I land on the ones full of notes. I begin reading the swooping handwriting that no one knows how to use anymore.

I have had the grandest idea! I shall figure out a way for everyone to live forever, but different every time! I am coming close to figuring out how it will all work, but I hope I can work it out soon! Mr. Angelo is helping, but he does not know what he is helping with. I shall call it ReBirth! Surely God would not hate such a beautiful creation?


Beautiful Creation? I think, snorting in disgust. It's terrible!

I feel my room begin to move upwards. In a few moments, my room is in it's original spot, and I leave.

This has to end... I think. But how?

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