ReBirth |A Novel|

No one will ever look the same twice.

In the year 2701, everyone is set on loop. The world has become Pangaea once more, and is ruled by a cruel government. Weather The loop is a blessing or a curse, no one knows, but most people find it a gift from God. Others call it a curse from The Devil. People are born, they grow, they die, and it all just happens again. Every time, they have a knew appearance, and a new voice. They remember all of it. Jez Lauren is the only one who wants things to change. She's the only one who wants know why the world is on loop.

When Jez encounters Ian after her 190th rebirth, she finds herself falling in love. What she doesn't know, is his dad is the one in charge of The Rebirth Operation. Jez forms a group of people who want the Rebirth to come to an end, and they get ready to end it,Ian reveals who he is, and Jez begins to doubt it all. Can they end The Rebirth, or will it remain forever, the same old pattern?


3. II

I touch my face in the mirror once more. In my last body, I had grey eyes, dark skin, and black silky hair. Now, my contrast is completely different, except for my hair. The scar I’ve always had is gone. I look perfect now. A little too perfect. Every second, I swear I can see something swimming across my face, like a shadow, or maybe a ripple of water, but it’s too fast for me to concentrate on it.

I shake my head and leave the bathroom and sit down on the couch. Livia’s eating Honey O’s!, which we’ve been saving ever since we were 7 in our original body’s.  The way the program works, is we’re pared with someone of the same age to live with, and we live with them every time. It’s like meeting someone new, but Livia has only died 23 times, which is less then stupid children.

I don’t know who my mother is. They do that to us, keeping us from all family. For all I know, Livia could be a twin sister to me, which is highly unlikely, and stupid. I wish this would all stop for once.

I clench my fists, then scream, and swipe everything off my dresser in my bedroom. I throw everything off my bed, and bury my face in the mattress, still screaming at the top of my lungs into it. I hear running footsteps, and Livia enters the room. I can’t see her face, but my guess is she’s horrified. Scared. Freaked out.

“GO AWAY!” I scream at her, picking my pillow up and throwing it. She slowly backs out of the room, her eyes wide in distress, but I don’t care.

I pound my fist into the wall after she leaves, and a small dent appears. Even though our wall is really old and soft, my hand still hurts like crazy, and I almost scream out in pain. Almost. I collapse back on the bed and start sobbing.

I have no clue where all of that came from. I just lost it, looking at my perfect face. Why is this world so cruel? I think, pulling my legs up to my chest, my screaming stopping. The government is awful, the world is awful, I’m awful……It’s all so stupid.

I let out a curse, then stand p and brush my hair. I clean up the best I can, then go sit in the living room, covering my face. Livia is on the phone with someone, talking in a hushed tone, so I can’t tell what she’s saying. Livia is most likely talking about me.  I hear a knock on the door, and a deep voice on the other side of the door starts up in the usual intro we use after we’ve knocked.

“May I please see Jez Lauren in the word of the law, as what we may have to say is of great importance, or we wish to speak. Hear us out and let us in and we shall talk in the name of the law….” As he continues, Livia goes over to answer the door.

I see a city official, than quickly stand, and run to my room. Once I’m in, I lock it, then yank the window and climb through. My breath makes white puffs in the frosty air, and I begin running down the many different sets of fire escapes towards the ground.   

When I reach the side walk, I start running down an alleyway, when a hand reaches out and grabs my arm. I’m pulled into a chute that smells of stale air and old food, and I tumble towards something. When I land, I’m in a room full of old things and books.

The first thing I notice; No one is here. The other thing; It’s a nice room. I walk over to a desk and look at the pictures laid out on it. I almost scream when I see the picture of my mom I have in my locket. I back away and then turn to the books. One of them has the words; On Lizards on the front of it.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a real paper paged book.  I picked up a worn one with the words; The ReBirth Project written on it in old loopy handwriting. I pick it up just as I hear a door slam. I stick it in my pocket and then hide, watching a group of people talk.

I can only hear little snips of words they’re speaking. I quickly slip from the room, managing to get out without anyone seeing me. I quickly climb the stairs as fast as I can, then come out in another section of the town and begin running home.

When I get there, I climb up the fire escape, yank my window open again, hide the book, and come out of my room. Livia is chatting with the official, whom is a jolly man. He looks slightly like Livia. Not in his appearance, but the way he blinks and the way his lips move as he laughs.

I remember Livia talking about her dad once, and I realize that he’s her dad. “Oh, great! Jez is here, you can talk to her now.”

She stands up, and then heads toward the kitchen. I want to yell at her, but I don’t. Instead, I sit down and begin talking to him.


“…Perfectly normal for people what you’re feeling.” He finishes.

I’ve nearly fallen asleep 6 times, but Livia kept slipping me cups of coffee. I nodded, and then stood. “Thank you, Dr. Warner. You should be going on your way now.”

He smiled and let me lead him to the door. After he left, I ran into my room, and opened the book to the first page.

August 25th, 1905. The Diary of Jasmine De’ Aurar

Father has given me this beautiful book for my birthday. It’s so wonderful that the old man has finally given it to me! I hope to be able to record long, happy memories of my life in it! All of my descendants will read this and know what it was like in my time, and so on. Sometimes I wish life would just loop forever and ever! Rebirthing every time you died! That would quite a gift to give to my children, their children and so on!

I nearly drop the book. The ReBirth has been around for centuries. It makes me wonder how old I really am right now. Am I really 18? Or am I thousands of years old?

I hear police sirens go off, and I nearly scream as they pass the apartment building and head towards another place. I curl up in my bed and fall asleep quickly, my mind spinning.


I run towards an empty building, hearing footsteps behind me. “You’ll never catch up!” I shout, making a face over my shoulder.

“I will to, Jasmine!” I hear the laughter of a boy my age behind me.

Something grabs my waist, and then spins me around. I look into his beautiful eyes, and he kisses me. I nearly giggle as I kiss him back. He releases me after a few moments, and we sit down and begin to talk.

“I sometimes wish this could all go on forever. Do you wish it, Abe?” I ask him, pulling up a clump of grass.

“I do. Life is such a precious gift, but we are even luckier to be able to grow old.” He replies, smiling at me.

I smile back and we continue to talk. He laces his fingers through mine, and we lay back and stare at the sky. Breathtaking. He leans down and kisses me once more, and then the whole world dissolves.

I launch up in bed, my head pounding. I cover my face with my hands, and want to scream, but I don’t. I just sit like that for a few more moments, then get up, and begin to get dressed. I walk into the living room, then head towards the stairs. I run down them, and head to the park.

When I arrive, I sit down and think about what I had read about The ReBirth and the dream. It was all so crazy. Another thing was weird. When I had the dream, I didn’t feel like I was someone else. I almost felt as if it was me. And I was remembering it.

What a crazy thought.


I hear footsteps, and I look up to see Ian again. He smiles at me then sits down. I look over at his profile. Blue eyes. Brown hair. Tan skin. He looks a bit like me.

“Jez, right?” He asks me.

“Yeah. You’re Ian?” He nods and I lace my fingers together in my lap.

We sit like that, not saying anything. My little phone rings, and I pick it up.

He only hears one side of the conversation, but he can probably hear Livia screaming.

“Where the heck are you?! I woke up and go into the kitchen and make food, and I go to bring you you’re breakfast. I open the door, and you’re gone! I run to all the neighbors, and asked if they’ve seen you, but none of them have. I trek all over the city, but I couldn’t find you. Then, I run to every place I think I can find you at, but you’re nowhere! WHERE ARE YOU?!” She finished off.

I hear her muttering a few curses, and then I sigh. “Coming home.  I was at the park.”

I shoot a look of apology at Ian, and then begin walking home, listening to Livia’s scolding and curses. Eventually, I just hang up.  I trudge up the stairs and a glaring Livia greets me.

Just. Great.

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