ReBirth |A Novel|

No one will ever look the same twice.

In the year 2701, everyone is set on loop. The world has become Pangaea once more, and is ruled by a cruel government. Weather The loop is a blessing or a curse, no one knows, but most people find it a gift from God. Others call it a curse from The Devil. People are born, they grow, they die, and it all just happens again. Every time, they have a knew appearance, and a new voice. They remember all of it. Jez Lauren is the only one who wants things to change. She's the only one who wants know why the world is on loop.

When Jez encounters Ian after her 190th rebirth, she finds herself falling in love. What she doesn't know, is his dad is the one in charge of The Rebirth Operation. Jez forms a group of people who want the Rebirth to come to an end, and they get ready to end it,Ian reveals who he is, and Jez begins to doubt it all. Can they end The Rebirth, or will it remain forever, the same old pattern?


2. I

     I look in the mirror, tilting my head to the side. Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Pretty girl, skinny, with light skin. I look nothing like my previous ReBirth’s. I pull the locket that belonged to my Mum out and look at the image. I look like a younger version of her now. It’s good. I like the way I look now, I’m pretty. I’m also different.

      Explanation: I fell off a building. I didn’t mean to, I was hanging out with Livia, and I tripped on a wire. The ReBirth is handy for situations like that. It’s cool, really. You never know how you’re going to turn out. This is my 190th rebirth. I’m 18, a girl, and this time around, I have a British accent. That’s the thing with ReBirth, you never know what you’ll end up like. We keep all of our memories, and all that, but we change.

       Why? No one but our Government knows. They keep it all locked it, hidden inside.

       Remember in history when you talked about Pangaea? Well, it’s back again. Our country is called Luminous, and It’s the only city left. Everything else is rubble. Nothing is left, but harsh, cold, wilderness. It sucks. I live in an apartment with Livia, who is my best friend.

       I run my hands over my face, exploring every last bit of It. I smile. I frown. I scrunch my eyebrows together. I raise them. I stick my tongue out. This face is the best I’ve ever had, and I’m proud to say that. I wish the ReBirth would just stop though.

      I’m probably the only person in Luminous who wants it to end. It’s crazy. Most people think it would be awesome to live like that forever, but it’s not. It gets really boring after a while. We’re basically normal humans that can regenerate. That’s it, no cool powers, no nothing. We’re normal. And I hate the ReBirth. It honestly sucks.

      Pure evil. PURE evil. That’s what it is. The ReBirth keeps people from doing what we’re meant to do after we’ve finished our lives. Die. And they’re keeping us from doing what we’re supposed to do. It’s sick and stupid, but who am I to judge? I’m a lowly citizen, so I should just shut up.

      But I can’t. I really want to end all of this, one way or another. I need to end it.

      I go into the living room and wait for Livia to come home. She’s obviously going to want to see my new face. I lay down and pull a blanket over myself, then stare up. Nothing moves. It all stays the same. Quiet, peaceful, unmoving. Still.

       I hum a song to myself, as I watch a spider spin a web. My mind wanders and I think about my previous pasts. Most were cruel, others were fun. All of them ended in my “death.” None of them were real deaths. They were all just me dying, then being rewound and remodeled. Stupid.

     I got up after a few minutes, then pulled open the window, and climbed out. I began climbing the ladder slowly down towards the street. I jumped off and landed with a thump in the snow. People continued walking on their ways. People who might die any second, then come back.

   You never know when it’s about to happen, which is the problem. You never know. Ever.

    I headed towards the candy shop when I heard Livia’s voice. “Jez?”

     I turned and ran up to her. “Hi Livia.”

    She nearly screamed. “OMG Jez! You look awesome!” She hugged me, then started babbling about something.

   Livia is a chatter box.

   And her big mouth might get her killed.


    We walked towards the hot chocolate vender, my mouth starting to water. I pulled a coin out, then passed it to the guy, and he gave me a cup with caramel and cream. Yum. We drank as we walked, and headed down Fifth Avenue towards a new store, when a boy my age crashed down on me.

 "Hey!" I yelled, pushing him off me. "What was that for?!"

 He was gorgeous, and I found myself sucking in my breath. "Sorry," He said, standing up. "I'm Ian."

 "Jez," He smiled.

 "Nice to meet you, Jez." Then he walked away.

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