ReBirth |A Novel|

No one will ever look the same twice.

In the year 2701, everyone is set on loop. The world has become Pangaea once more, and is ruled by a cruel government. Weather The loop is a blessing or a curse, no one knows, but most people find it a gift from God. Others call it a curse from The Devil. People are born, they grow, they die, and it all just happens again. Every time, they have a knew appearance, and a new voice. They remember all of it. Jez Lauren is the only one who wants things to change. She's the only one who wants know why the world is on loop.

When Jez encounters Ian after her 190th rebirth, she finds herself falling in love. What she doesn't know, is his dad is the one in charge of The Rebirth Operation. Jez forms a group of people who want the Rebirth to come to an end, and they get ready to end it,Ian reveals who he is, and Jez begins to doubt it all. Can they end The Rebirth, or will it remain forever, the same old pattern?


1. Prologue

   The woman clutched her baby daughter close, as her beautiful brown hair dried slowly. She knew what a curse it would be to the poor child to group up this way, but she knew it was for the best. Even if she resisted, The Rebirth Project would still happen, and everything would be looped. She quickly stood in her hospital room, pacing with her daughter in her arms. She only had a short amount of time before they came, and took her.

   The mother looked over at the filing papers. She had the choice of hiding the child, and saying she had died, or giving her to be the first test subject. She looked at the papers and closed her eyes, taking the golden fountain pen in her hand. What shall I name you, little one? She thought to herself, licking her lips to moisten them.

   The baby looked up at her with solemn blue eyes, not letting out a peep. She smiled to herself at how quiet this beautiful little girl was, and how perfect she was as well. Suddenly, a name popped into her head. Jez Lauren. She wrote on the paper in her delicate, scrawling handwriting.

   She filled the rest of the information out, like her eye color, and hair color. She finished the paperwork with her signature, then sat back down on the bed, waiting for them to come for the little baby, Jez.

    After a few moments, they entered with a small chip, which the put into a sharp, sharp needle, then planted it in the back of her neck. The baby didn’t move or make a sound. Then they took her away, another nurse implanting a chip in the mother as well.

     Everyone had the chip now. The Rebirth Program had started, and will never finish. Or so they thought, for that little baby Jez? She’s me, and I’m ending this, once and for all. The rebirth will end. Forever.

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