never forgot

niall and taylor were best friends untill niall went on the X-factor and became a member of one direction after after3 years taylors singing carrer takes off and on her 20th birthday she wishes she could see niall again


2. X-factor audition



                                           *nialls pov*

             i saw taylor backstage talking with a nother performer he had brown curly hair his name was

harry styles i was getting jelous because they were hitting it off but why would i be jelous i am not like

hat i nedded to think about that mabey no... anywase i heard somewon call my name and i knew it

was time to preform before walking on stage taylor came running up to me and said 'remember

simion is tough and ignore anything he says ok you know unless its a good comment k' 'k' i said

then i went on stage and i preformed after came the moment of truth simion said no then i

rememberd what taylor said and went along with it and then i got 3 yeses 3 because katy was a

guest judge so i wwent to the next round 'YAY YAY my best friend is going on to the next round YAY'

taylor shouted 'YES!' i said relly excited my mum came up to me and huged me i was relly happy at t

hat point.

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