never forgot

niall and taylor were best friends untill niall went on the X-factor and became a member of one direction after after3 years taylors singing carrer takes off and on her 20th birthday she wishes she could see niall again


1. suprise!!

                              *nialls pov*


                      'hey taylor taylor TAYLOR!' 'WHAT NIALL' she said from up stairs 'come here i have a


suprise for you' and as soon as she heard suprise she came running down 'whats up'she said 'well i


am going to try out for they X-factor and since you my best friend of all time im going to invite you to


come and wach me excited?' 'YES DUH!!' she said ' i think you just broke my ear drum thanks' i said


joking around 'you should try too you have a very good voice' i said ' my voice isnt that


good' she said


                   *taylors pov*

once niall asked me to try out too i coldent what if i move to the next round and he doesent i dont


want that to happen plus my voice is relly not that good.

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