More than a Kiss

Alice Jamieson was a 17 year old girl who's never dated, never had a relationship, and has never been rude. Her parents are strict and religious, and they refuse to let Alice date for a secret reason... Alice has a kept a secret too though. When she was 5, her childhood friend kissed her. One day, as she enters her new high school she recognizes a face. Familiar eyes, the same upturned nose, the curly hair... He doesn't realize who she is but, can she face him after what happened?


1. Ready

I woke up, staring at myself in the mirror. I looked horrid. My hair stuck to my face, eyes shaded with a dark outline, my hair looking like a wasp's nest. I looked down. My night gown was a flowery colour. I hate it, but my parents say its much better than "pajamas" and shorts so I wear it. My night gown was sweaty and smelled a strange mix of sweat and roses. I belched in disgust. "Alice! Alice wake up!" My mother yelled, as the tv blared on. Time to move on, I told myself. I rushed to the bathroom. As I took off my clothes, I noticed my wrist. A newly open wound gushed with blood. 'Ugh, I must have hurt myself while shaving.' I reached into the cabinet to grab a bottle of alcohol to pour over my cut, when my heart beat fastened. What are you doing? Stop! My brain yelled. The bottle came closer and closer to my mouth. "Alice!" My mom screamed from downstairs. "Get up! Get down here, you're going to be late!" I dropped the bottle. It shattered, and the alcohol spilled everywhere. I collapsed on my knees. The fluid stung my skin, but I sat there, my heart thudding, as I thought of what just happened. In a minute, I stood up, cleaned my legs, wrapped the towel around my body and walked out. "Mom I'm coming! Just getting my clothes out!" I yelled back. I looked at my clothes in disgust. Flowery dresses, long skirts, full sleeve shirts. Where were my new clothes? I spotted the brand new red hoodie and white skinnies in the corner. I grabbed them and wore them as I got out my room. "Where were you?" My mother looked at me anxiously. "I'm sorry ma, I forgot the time." I lied. Instinctively, I reached downwards toward my sleeves and pulled them down. I grabbed my  black puma backpack, and head our the doors. The thing is, I used to cut. To move away all my pains, to stop my breath, drowning me in my sorrows. Deep inside, I suspect I still miss the feelings. I miss standing in the border, between Life and Death. The bus came early, and I hopped on. It's a new day, a new school. 'You'd better not ruin it,' my brain chided to me. I nodded eagerly. The bus soon arrived at its destination. A mahogany, ginormous building.  SIR BURGARDE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL. A big name, but not as big as the actual school. It's grounds were massive! Trees in the corner, a  nice cozy place. The wind blew my hair. "Time to go in," I sighed. I walked into the fine furnished school. It's bright colours shone against the sunlight. The windows glistened as they'd just been cleaned. All the freshmen were to go to the gym. Instructions to the gym were written on the board. Clear enough, I thought. There were thousands of kids already in the gym when I reached there. "Cool!" I smiled as I noticed the high windows, the beautifully painted walls, and the flowers on the amazing stage. "I'm going to like it here!" 

"Attention Students, please seat yourselves within the next 5 minutes as the assembly begins." The voice over the speakers announces. I nod. I seated myself next to a pretty blonde. "Hi." I smile as I sit down. The blonde turns and glances at me. She stares for a minute making me feel awkward. "Hi!" She smiles back. "What's your name?" She asks. I reply quickly, "Alice. Alice Jamieson. And your's?" 

"Diana Wilkins." She replied. And then the lights went off. A plump lady with an Afro walks on the stage. She's wearing high heels which makes her look as if she can hardly walk, and her dress looks tight as you can clearly see the details about her plumpness. The buttons could barely close. Her name tag was too small for me to read. She steps in front of the microphone. It squeaks, and everyone covers their ears. "Hello. My name is Ms. Patters. I'm the principal, and it's a pleasure to meet you." The rest of the conversation is about school regulations, and then she says, "ok, so the teachers are walking by and handing you the schedules and classes you're in. The first class you're in is homeroom. Enjoy!" And she walks off the stage as the lights open. A teacher hands Diana and me our schedules. I look at the classes. I'm in room 132. Homeroom 10A. Diana peers over my shoulders. "Oh! We're in the same classes!" She says happily. I smile at her. "Great! Nice to meet you," I add. She nods cheerfully and grabs my hand as we walk out to the class. 


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