More than a Kiss

Alice Jamieson was a 17 year old girl who's never dated, never had a relationship, and has never been rude. Her parents are strict and religious, and they refuse to let Alice date for a secret reason... Alice has a kept a secret too though. When she was 5, her childhood friend kissed her. One day, as she enters her new high school she recognizes a face. Familiar eyes, the same upturned nose, the curly hair... He doesn't realize who she is but, can she face him after what happened?


2. It's him.

When we entered class, I saw the teacher hunched over the attendance. She looks up. "Oh, hello! My name is Ms. Robertson. Welcome to my class! You may seat yourself wherever you want." She smiles, and points to the chairs. Diana and I chose seats next to each other in an area where there was mostly girls. "I wonder if any of these girls are nice?" Diana asks me. I look over my shoulder. An Asian girl with brown hair sat there. She idly played with her hair. When she notices me staring she glares. "What do you want?" She snaps. I flinch and reply in a cold tone, "nothing." I turn back around to see Diana giggling. Diana scrunched her face into a frown and I laugh. We both burst into such loud laughters, the teacher turns to look at us and smiles. We sat in silence for the next 5 minutes, taking in all the new faces. There were two girls happily chatting away in the corner. One had blonde hair like Diana's, and another had black wavy hair. She wore brown glasses and a t-shirt that said, "I LOVE PIE". Pie girl also had the same puma backpack as me, except hers was all pink, and mine was blue and black. Three girls sat in the back, two blonde boys in the front, a red head next to me, and about 5 more brown haired guys in the other side. More kids were entering every second. I gave up counting. Instead me and Diana talked about our summers. I noticed the girls talking about some guy. I ignored them. In the end we had about 23 kids in our class. The teacher comes up to stand in front of us. "Hello class! I'm sure I've introduced myself to some of you, but incase I haven't, I'm Ms. Robertson! We're going to have an amazing time in class this year. I'm very glad to have you! Now I have to do attendance." She explains. Ms. Robertson had curly brown hair and a slim body. She was quite pretty. "Damien?" She begins the attendance.  



"Here," I reply.


The blonde girl with pie girl replies, "here!" 


"Here," pie girl answers. 

And it goes on. "Harold?" The teacher asks. Diana snickers at the name. She turns to me and acts like a British person. "Would you like tea, Harold?" She mimicked a British accent silently. I laugh quietly. "Here," a male's voice answers. The girls are gushing over him. He's got a British accent which makes me and Diana smirk. There's a nagging in the back of my mind. I've heard that voice before... I'm sure. I look around anxiously to see who's voice it was. "But please," the guy continues, "call me Harry." As he says the name, my heart freezes. I recognize the voice. It was him.  "Oh no." I whisper, my face paling. I grab my chair, my heart beat quickening. The teacher laughs and says, "oh alright Harry!" The girls giggle. Harry turns around. I dare myself to look at him. The same curly hair, the same blue eyes, the same face. Diana sighs. She turns to me and whispers, "isn't he dreamy?" 

When I don't reply she looks at me carefully. I'm shaking violently, my face resembling a ghost, my hands red from clutching my chair. "What's wrong?" She whispers anxiously. I force a smile. "Nothing I'm nervous. Nothing to worry about. Turn around, the teacher might see!" I lie. Diana doesn't buy it but she turns. I sigh in relief and look up. He's staring at me. My face goes red. No, he's not staring at me, but the Asian girl (Amy was her name). Amy was waving to him, and he smiles and waves back. "Hi," he says in his low, manly voice. My heart tries to flutter like the other girls' hearts, but I force it to not. This was the boy, the one boy who made me break my promise to my parents. This was the boy who forced a kiss on me, making me "unclean" as mother and father told me it would. This is the boy who broke my heart, and surprisingly, I loved it. I loved it all.  

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