Unforgotten. {A Luke Korns Fanfiction}



1. Unforgotten ~ Chapter 1

Welcome to Unforgotten.

This is a Luke Korns fanfiction. I'm sorry if this is bad. 

This is my first Luke fanfiction so....I guess it might not be as good as it seems. 

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Unforgotten~Chapter One

Lily lifted up the remaining boxes and bought them upstairs to her room. Moving was awful and exhausting. 

Her Mum and Dad had gone grocery shopping and there was nothing else to do.

Moving from LA to Wisconsin was such a huge step for her.

Trying so hard to forget about all the memories she had here,growing up as a child.

Making the most amazing friends to just have them taken away from you. Being told to forget the first 10 years of your life and the friendships you had made.

It wasn't easy. And then 6 years later being uprooted from where you finally started getting used to just to move back to where you had a hard time forgetting. It was chaos. Absolute chaos. 

Lily had put on the strong face. With a fake smile she was packing her bags to move into the same town she had left six years ago. And another downside was the fact it was summer. A boring 3 months of her life were to be spent cooped up in her new home while her parents were visiting all those old friends they somehow remembered after 6 years.

She wondered if Luke still remembered her.

Probably not. 

Luke,Luke Korns. Her ultimate best friend. Well he was before she moved. 

They had met at Play School instantly clicking and becoming best friends. They used to live 10 minutes away from each other.

Inseparable,cute and just plain ordinary but together they were special. 

Their imagination ran wild. Making all these plans of what they were going to do when they were older. All these random games with such good story lines that they would put screenwriters to shame.

Everything about the two just clicked. They were there for each other every single time and trusted each other with their lives. But things get awkward while talking over email. It's even awkwarder when your best friend starts making a new best friend. He gets over you and soon enough all he talks about is him and this guy that has taken your place. "Chris and I did this". "Chris and I did that". "I have to go know Chris is coming over." "Sorry can't  going over to Chris' " .

It gets annoying and then you even start not caring. You start making plans,or you see his reply and just don't bother typing back.

The connection is lost and never found again. 

Lily sighed. There's no need to remember Luke. He's just Luke. Nothing special. Just Luke.

But she knew she was lying to herself. 

The doorbell rang and she went to get it. There was some guy there. 

"Oh uh is Chris home?" he questioned while having his back facing the door. He looked anxious. Almost as if he was searching for something. 

"Uhm I think you have the wrong house" she answered. 

The guy turned around and froze. "Uh um yeah,s-sorry" he stuttered,quickly turning around and walking away.

He had a familiarity to him. Almost as if Lily had seen him before She felt as if she knew him,but from where.

The boy was still walking away at a brisk pace mumbling something. 

She caught it at the last moment before she closed the door. 

"Stupid Luke,Stupid Luke,"


Here come the tears.....



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