Vampire Angels??

Bottom line, this is the story of Angel, a high school student. She isn't your average high school student. She's dark. She used to be a normal human, until her parents gave her up for scientific testing at age five. They gave her wings, but of course they didn't stop there. Now, in addition to the wings, she has fangs. Perfect...not. She's used to being a loner, until the new boy decides to come and sit with her. Will she change her mysterious ways and make a friend? Or will she ignore Dallas just like she does with the rest of the student body. Read on to find out...


6. Chapter 4

Alex's p.o.v. (haven't you just been waiting to see what he thinks?)

 I was in band trying to get this beat our teacher gave us when Angel burst into the room. I dropped my drumsticks and rushed over to her. She was in tears and her arms were red and blistering.

"Help." She squeaked through tears.

"Damn it!" I said, pulling my phone out if my pocket. My dad picked up after the third ring.

"Aren't you in band?" was the first question he asked. 'SHE'S BEEN EXPOSED!" I yelled into the phone.


"We gotta go! Now!" I said, closing my phone.

"Mr. Bradford is still getting coffee in the teachers lounge. I'll tell him. Just get her home!" Wendy said, setting her flute down.

"Thanks!" I said, going over and kissing her cheek.

"Yea yea. Just GO! Let me know if she's okay." She said, shooing us out of the door.

"Come on." I said, taking Angel's gloved hand carefully and pulling her toward the exit.

"NOOOO!!! IT HURTS!" She screamed, tugging against my pull.

"Crap!" I hissed. How was I supposed to get her to my car if it was all the way in the parking lot?

"Here." Dallas said, running around the corner and hading me her jacket. I didn't question it, I just made sure she had the jacket on securly and led her to my car. Dallas followed, and held out Angel's bag once she was seated in the back.

"I told you to stay away from her!" I snapped at him.

"I can't help that we're gym partners!" He said warily.

"Wait a minute. That means you saw what happened, right?" I asked suddenly. He nodded.

"Get in the car." I said, opening my door and getting in myself. He just stood there looking at me like I had gone crazy.

"ARE YOU SLOW OR SOMETHING? I SAID GET IN!!" I shouted at him. He ran over to the passenger side, and I barely gave him time to shut the door before backing out and speeding toward our house.

Angel's p.o.v.

It felt like my arms were literally on fire. I know how that feels for real.....don't ask how.

"Can I take the jacket off?" I squeaked, the tears yet to stop flowing. My arms were already on fire, and the leather of my jacket just irritated them further.

"Sure." Alex letting up all the windows.

"Hey, you ok Angel?" Dallas asked. I ignored him, breathing deeply to stop myself from shrieking.

"Hey dad. Can you open the garage?" I heard Alex ask over the phone. When we got home, Alex pulled into the garage and shut the garage door before letting me get out.

"DAD!" Alex shouted, opening the door that led to the house. Alex made sure I was seated on the couch before going upstairs. What he failed to realize was that I was thirsty. REALLY thirsty. Dallas was pacing in front of me, and suddenly, he looked much more appealing.

"Hey Dallas?" I asked, the tears finally gone and a clear intention in mind, even though my arms were still burning severely.

"You talked to me...." He said, slowing to a stop and staring at me.

"Yep. Can I have a hug?" I said, my fangs growing sharper by the second. He looked at me skeptically for a few minutes, before realization washed over his face.

"You're thirsty, aren't you?" He asked, backing away slowly.

"Maybe just a little." I said, completely forgetting the pain in my arms and standing. I was so thirsty my mind instantly went into hunting mode. I stalked toward Dallas slowly. His eyes got big and every step I took, he took one back. I rushed forward, grabbed his shoulders, and pinned him against the wall, lifting him so his feet were dangling in the air. He struggled, so I slapped him again. I was just about to sink my fangs into his neck when I felt a sharp prick in my neck and the world became blurry. I dropped Dallas and stumbled a bit.

Dallas's p.o.v.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, is she ok?" I asked after regaining my footing. One minute, she's about to eat me, the next she's stumbling around like a drunk person.

"She's fine. It's a sedative. Kinda like laugh gas." Alex said, handing Angel a cup and sitting her back down on the couch carefully. Angel sipped from the cup quietly, almost spilling it a couple of times.

"Can you watch her while we finish mixing the medicines? Sorry about that, by the way." Mr. Rhodes said, taking the shot he just gave Angel and putting a cap over the needle. I realized that my face was stinging where she slapped me.

"Yea sure. Don't worry about it." I said, waving my hand as if it was nothing.

"I will never know why...." Mr. Rhodes mumbled to himself. Alex took the cup from Angel, and almost got bitten in the process. Alex put a top on the it and stuck a straw in before handing back to Angel.

"Be careful. She can be a handful when she's under the influence. You sure you wanna stay?" Alex asked, looking at me questionably.

"I'll be fine. Just go finish her medicine." I said, pushing them both towards the stairs. They disappeared upstairs and I was left alone with Angel. When I turned around, she was about to step out of the front door.

"NO!" I shouted, jumping between her and the door.

"But I wanna play!!" She said in a whiney little kid voice.

"Then let's play inside!" I said enthusiastically. She frowned at me.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" I said sweetly.

"My arms hurt." Angel said, going to pick at one of her blisters that had turned into a scab.

"Don't touch it!" I said, slapping her hand away. "I don't like these!!!" She shouted, pulling off her gloves. She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. Once again, I was shocked by her icy touch.

"Turn on the t.v. NOW!" She screamed, dropping my hand and sitting back down on the couch, grabbing her cup.

"ADVENTURE TIME!" She shouted as I flipped through the channels and ended up on Cartoon Network.

"Are you guys ok?" I heard Alex shout from upstairs.

"Yea, we're good!" I shouted back.

"ALEX!" Angel screamed, making her way to the stairs.

"Stay downstairs with Dallas, Angel!" Alex yelled.

"Your name is Dallas?" She squeaked, grabbing my hands.

"Yea......." I said, looking at her hands in mine. She just seemed so sociable. Totally not like her.

"I LOVE the name Dallas. I have a friend named Dallas. I don't think he knows he's my friend, though." She said, swaying as she spoke.

"That's cool....wait what?!" I asked, shocked.

"He's my only friend. He's fun." She said, letting go of my hands and running back to the couch. She sat down and drank from her cup, her eyes glued to the screen. I smiled to myself and went to sit down with her. Mr. Rhodes and Alex came downstairs with a weird cream a minute later.

"It's done. Come here Angel." Alex said, taking the cream from his dad. Angel didn't move, her eyes still glued on Finn. After a minute of struggling, her screaming, and having to stop her from running outside multiple times, we finally got all of the medicine applied.

"That feels good." Angel said, dropping back down on the couch.

"Nap time, Angel." Alex said, picking Angel up and throwing her over his shoulder.

"I'll just be going now. Bye Alex" I said, walking to the door.

"See ya later, dude." Alex said, starting up the stairs.

"BYE BYE DALLAS!!" Angel shouted, waving at me.

"Bye Angel." I said, waving back.

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