Vampire Angels??

Bottom line, this is the story of Angel, a high school student. She isn't your average high school student. She's dark. She used to be a normal human, until her parents gave her up for scientific testing at age five. They gave her wings, but of course they didn't stop there. Now, in addition to the wings, she has fangs. Perfect...not. She's used to being a loner, until the new boy decides to come and sit with her. Will she change her mysterious ways and make a friend? Or will she ignore Dallas just like she does with the rest of the student body. Read on to find out...


3. Chapter 1

Angel's p.o.v

"Could you wake up your brother? I don't want him to be late. Again." My dad asked me after I had finished my 'special' breakfast shake.

"Sure." I replied, a devious smile making its way onto my face.

      I walked upstairs and knocked on Alex's door. In reply, I got a loud snore (hey, that rhymed!) I opened his door and slipped into his room quietly. He was sprawled in what seemed like a painful position. I leaned over him and let my wings unfold and slip through the slits in my shirt and jacket.

"Alexander! You're late again! Angel already left!" I said in a mock imitation of my dad.

     It sucks, but I guess it worked. I bared my fangs just as his eyes shot open. When he saw me, he screamed and jumped back, hitting his head on the frame of his bed. I laughed and beat my wings once to get away as he made a grab at me.

"I told you to stop doing that," He said in his ugly morning voice.

"I chose not to listen," I said, still smiling.

"I know I've said this before, but I love your wings," He said, staring at my wings.

"You don't know what I had to go through to get them," I said darkly. Alex took a deep breath before asking what the time was.

"8:00. You got forty minutes. I'm gonna go in early to finish up on my paper for English," I said, looking at my grey Converse watch.

"AP kids and their homework," Alex mumbled, standing and stretching.

         Even though we're in the same grade, we have absolutely no classes together. I'm at the top in ap classes, thanks to my "superhuman" intelligence, and Alex is barely passing his normal classes.

"See ya later," I said, folding my wings and exiting his room. I slid down the guardrail on the stairs and landed face to face with Sarah.

"Angel! That is not ladylike! Not to mention unacceptable in this household," Sarah ranted. "Also, what you're wearing isn't very ladylike either."

"I don't care what's 'ladylike'. I'll wear what I want," I said, gesturing graciously to my outfit. It was the usual leather pants, red t-shirt, biker jacket, and biker boots.

"That is no way to talk to your mother young lady!" She said, attempting to scold me. By that point, she was just being ridiculous.

"You. Are. Not. My. Mom. A mother wouldn't be so willing to give up her five year old daughter for experimenting, and say she's worthless, now would she?" I laughed. The color drained from her face.

"I never meant to-"

"Save it. If you never meant to do it, you wouldn't have. You hate me. I was a mistake. You only wanted Alex. I know that!" I snarled, cutting her off.

       She just frowned at me and scurried off to the kitchen. Great, she just wasted five minutes of my time. I grabbed the keys to my Honda 599 motorcycle along with my backpack and 'water' bottle. Of course, it's filled with something else.

"DAD! I'M GOING TO SCHOOL!" I shouted as I opened the front door.

"OKAY!" My dad yelled from somewhere upstairs.

        I exited, slamming the door behind me, and hopped on my motorcycle.   When I got to school, I parked behind the building and walked inside. When I entered, there wasn't many people, but everyone who was there parted and formed an opening for me. They all knew what I was. I smirked and walked down the hall to the library.

      I walked into the library and sat down at a computer, pulling a thumb drive out of my bag. I plugged it into the computer and pulled up my paper. Just as I finished typing, the first bell rang. I saved my paper and headed off to my first period of the day, which was, of course, English.

        As I was walking down the hall, I passed by Alex and his girlfriend Wendy, who gave me a friendly wave. Wendy and Alex are the only people who treat me like I'm normal. I'm perfectly happy being alone, though. I know what I am, and I know that people are afraid of me. Friends would just be a waste of time.

      The first half of the day was pretty normal. Well, as normal as life can get for me. Then came lunch. I made my way to the table in the shadows, at the far left corner of the cafeteria, where I always ate. As I was walking, I heard Kim, 'queen bee' of the school, tell one of her little followers that there was a new kid at our school.

"Have you seen the new boy Dallas? He is so cute! I'm surprised anyone would want to move here with the freak show around," she sneered.

"The freak show can hear you, Kimmy," I said as I passed her table.

    I bared my fangs at her and watched as she and her little follower cowered in fear. I let out a laugh as I continued to my table. I sat down and pulled my lunch out of my bag. I could buy my lunch, but if I did.....let's juat say someone would go missing by the end of lunch.

       My father had packed me steak, raw. I was sitting there after I had finished eating, reading a book about a fallen angel when I felt a presence. I looked up to see a boy sitting himself down in a chair across from me.

"Hi. I'm Dallas," He said in a think Australian accent, a smile lighting up his face.

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