colledge with justin bieber.

Hi this is the third book of High school with Justin bieber! i am so happy that people wanted me to make a third book so thank you for the support! so here goes!..... hey guess what its me again, yep Savannah! well i haven't talked to Justin in almost a year! i finished high school and now i'm going to college and i am so excited!


12. wow

I decided not to go to LA with Colton. Even though it would have been a great experience and would have been a blast i thought about Dylan and Justin. I know me and Justin are completely done but i always think of him before i do anything that involves another male. Dylan and Colton are really good friends and i think if i even thought about being with Colton i would tear a rip in Dylan's heart and their friendship. Colton wasn't angry that i didn't want to go he completely respected the way i felt. I decided to call Dylan an let him know what was going to happen before he finds out from someone else.

Dylan: Hey Savannah

Savannah: Hey Dill, i need to talk to you.

Dylan: ok go ahead

Savannah: so the other day Colton asked me to go to LA with him, as friends you know just to cut loose and have fun and plus I've never been there before so he wanted to bring me to show me around. I just wanted to tell you just incase someone else told you. I just want to let you know i didn't go because i knew there would have been some problems if i did.

Dylan: hahahahaha oh Savannah

Savannah: what?

Dylan: Colton asked me if he could take you, do you honestly think he would even think about bringing you if it wasn't ok with me first? Hell no

Savannah: So you knew he was taking me the whole time?

Dylan: yes he asked me before he even asked you

Savannah: wow so i could have gone there and had the time of my life but i decided to stay for no reason at all? oh my goodness

Dylan: Yes

Savannah: well thank you for letting me know before hand

Dylan: anytime pal

Savannah: hahaha well i'm going to go now, have a great afternoon

Dylan: ok you too



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