colledge with justin bieber.

Hi this is the third book of High school with Justin bieber! i am so happy that people wanted me to make a third book so thank you for the support! so here goes!..... hey guess what its me again, yep Savannah! well i haven't talked to Justin in almost a year! i finished high school and now i'm going to college and i am so excited!


1. thurd book!!!

Hii its me bella and i am so happy that i'm on my third book of the series! i recommend if you haven't read the first two that you do because if you don't this boo will not make sense at all aha anyways i am going to be busy a lot so i may not update a lot but when i get free time ill update like 2 chapters! thank you. also any questions or advise for this book would be helpful there are going to be new characters and a college name i need to think of! so any ideas comment and i will most likey use them and if you want i could even add you in the book as a character!!

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