colledge with justin bieber.

Hi this is the third book of High school with Justin bieber! i am so happy that people wanted me to make a third book so thank you for the support! so here goes!..... hey guess what its me again, yep Savannah! well i haven't talked to Justin in almost a year! i finished high school and now i'm going to college and i am so excited!


7. i'm fine i promise

its been a week sense i talked to Justin and i also haven't talked to Dylan i haven't even talked in general i go to my classes and then strait to my dorm when everyone else goes to parties or hangs out with there friends. i heard a knock on the door.

Savannah: who is it?

Dylan: its me Dylan

Savannah: what?

Dylan: we haven't talked in a week, actually i haven't even seen you in a week what's up? are you mad at me or something?

Savannah: no Dylan its not you, you haven't don't anything wrong, i'm sorry ive just been busy with school

Dylan: Savannah we have the same classes together and i don't even know your there

Savannah: i was there i have been there

Dylan: yeah you have been there, but not you

Savannah: what do you mean?

Dylan: Savannah physically you were there but not mentally

Savannah: well I've been stressed

Dylan: its not stress Savannah I've seen you stressed, its something else and i can tell

Savannah: Dylan i'm fine, really i promise

Dylan: you know what when i met you i thought you would tell me about these things but i guess i was wrong, your not fine you and me know it

Savannah: Dylan i'm fine ok just drop it, you need to trust me, i'm fine, actually i was going to go to that Halloween party tonight

Dylan: you were?

Savannah: yes i wanted to go as a couple thing, do you wanna go with me as my date?

Dylan: i would be honored

Savannah: well i need tot think about my costume so you should leave so i can go shopping

Dylan: ok, i'm sorry about what i said i was just worried about you.

Savannah: its fine i love you for it

Dylan: i love you too

Savannah: buh bye.

Dylan: bye, i love you see you tonight

Savannah: ok i love you too

now i have go to this stupid party, i just hope i wont see Justin because i will just brake into peices

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