colledge with justin bieber.

Hi this is the third book of High school with Justin bieber! i am so happy that people wanted me to make a third book so thank you for the support! so here goes!..... hey guess what its me again, yep Savannah! well i haven't talked to Justin in almost a year! i finished high school and now i'm going to college and i am so excited!


3. crazed fans

me and Dylan jus got to the college and i saw a bunch of girls screaming and crying and running after someone.

Dylan: i guess there looking for me.

Savannah: yep good luck, bye

Dylan: what? you cant just leave me to get mobbed by some crazed fans

Savannah: Dylan i wet through this in high school and it was so hard on me i cant go through this is college too, sorry

Dylan: are you breaking up with me?

Savannah: no i'm just saying i don't want to be with you when all the girls see you

after i said that a whole bunch of girls screamed THERE HE IS!!!!

Savannah: oh god what do we do?

they ran right passed us.

Dylan: did they just run past us?

Savannah: yeah i think so

we turned around and guess what Justin bieber was standing right there with a whole bunch of bags.

this is going to be fun.

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