colledge with justin bieber.

Hi this is the third book of High school with Justin bieber! i am so happy that people wanted me to make a third book so thank you for the support! so here goes!..... hey guess what its me again, yep Savannah! well i haven't talked to Justin in almost a year! i finished high school and now i'm going to college and i am so excited!


8. bye

i decided to dress as a bunny because i didn't have enough time to go out looking for a costume but trust me it wasn't like the bunny costumes that you think of. Dylan walked in wearing a pirate costume and he looked confused.

Dylan: i thought we were going to wear a couple costume?

Savannah: we were but i had no time to actually go out and buy a costume and you didn't tell me we were going to be pirates anyways

Dylan: yeah i texted you

Savannah: well i never got it, doesn't matter we have four more years of perfectly fun Halloweens were we could match

Dylan: you really think we'll be together for that long?

Savannah: yeah, i mean i think so, we love each other right? do you not want ton be with me for that long?

Dylan: of course i want to be with you for as long as i can, i do love you Savannah very much

Savannah: what do you mean by "if i can" ?

Dylan: i mean like you love me but you also love Justin and i don't think your done with him yet

Savannah: excuse me? i am done with Justin, i don't love him and he doesn't love me he never has and never will he used me for publicity and played me so were done for good, don't ever bring him up again ever.

Dylan: Savannah i didn't mean to hurt you, i didn't know that happened, don't worry i would never do that to you.

Savannah: ok can we just go and get this stupid party over with?

Dylan: stupid? your the one who wanted to go in the first place?

Savannah: yeah to get you to stop bugging me and asking me if i was fine

Dylan: so you lied to me, Savannah why would you just say to stop i would have you didn't have to lie

Savannah: yeah well i told you plenty of times that i was fine and you kept nagging and nagging and i couldn't deal with it anymore

Dylan: so you weren't fine?

Savannah: oh my god no i wasn't fine i just told you what Justin said to me how do you think that affected me that all this time i loved him and i still love him and he never loved me and he just used and played me like i was some kind of dog!

Dylan: you said you don't love him, Savannah make up your mind me or him?

Savannah: well i don't have  a chose now do i?

Dylan: what do you mean you don't have a chose i just gave you one?

Savannah: Justin isn't a chose anymore he doesn't love me!

Dylan: what if he did love you? what if he walked through that door and told you he loved you and wanted to be with you, who would you choose then Savannah?

Savannah: don't make me do this

Dylan: bye Savannah, hope you chose which one would make you the most happy.

Savannah: no Dylan wait!

Dylan: what?

Savannah: yes i love Justin but i love you and i'm with you and if i didn't love you i wouldn't e with you, Dylan i cant not be with you please?

Dylan: bye

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