It's you...

Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


14. Wait...what?

Harry's POV:

As I slip back in through my window I see my note hasn't even been touched. It was still sitting there on my pillow. I close the window quietly while hearing the TV on in the other room still. That means they didn't notice me missing or didn't even care to check. Well I fell loved. not.

 I open up my door and head into the room filled with the lads. Niall was the only one that glanced up.

"HARRROOLLD" Niall yells startling everyone. He pats the seat next to him trying to get me to sit down with them. I head over to the couch and look at the TV.

"BREAKING NEWS" the TV headline reads.

"89 year old Marie Anne Jacobs hit by a truck while crossing street, on purpose?" the news person yells out at us. Her picture showed up next to the news women's head. It was the lady I was just with.

"news cruisers are on the stage of the crime" the screen flips to where we just were ten minutes. I let out a small gasp watching the telly.

"poor lady" Liam voice says breaking the room silence.

"I cant believe it. I was just with her" I let slip out of my mouth.  I get a couple strange and confused faces, but Louis obviously knew I went out.

"you didn't Harry, not again"  Zayn tells me

"I was bored so I did, ya. All I did was go for a walk and talked with her. She was happy and full of energy"

All of a sudden my image popped up on the screen. Me walking away with my hands in my pocket and looking down. My gray beanie hiding the dark curls.

"This man was with Ms. Marie Anne moments before walking off, if you have any knowledge of who this man might be please contact our hotline at..." I zoned out at the thought of my picture up there. The lads just stared at me with no words. I didn't blame them. What was happening? I was supposed to meet this amazing girl tomorrow and then this happens.

"this has to be our secret guys. You cant tell anyone it was me that was with her. Promise?" I ask them and get in return head nods.

"Good. Im going to bed now. to much for now" I say and walk out of the living area and towards my room. It was barely 6:30 and I was already going to bed. First I send Krystal a quick text:

"Can't wait till tomorrow, the guys and I will get down there around 1?"

I lay down my phone and in a matter of minutes I was asleep



I was free falling. The bridge was high and no net below me. Rocks and fast ripping water lay below me. I was falling to my end, my death. All of a sudden I stopped from falling and got caught within a rope. Someone catching me as I fell. A person with no face. A person I couldn't make out. The change happened so fast. Shows how anything could change in a matter of seconds. How I thought the end was coming but its just a new beginning in disguise.



Hey guys! So I know that last part didn't make sense but it will! I promise, and sorry I haven't been able to update :( Schools been crazy and It takes forever for me to update. I was like screw sleep tonight XD its over rated, so I could update for y'all. I'll start getting more chapters out soon, especially once September is over and October is here. hehe thank you guys for reading <3


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