It's you...

Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


2. Ride home

 Krystal POV:
I was walking out from marching band practice with my 2 close friends, Caitlyn and Jonee. 
"Why does he hate us so much. Not our fault he can't take a joke?" Caitlyn remarked. 
" But don't you think you took it a little far?" Jonee asked 
They went on like this almost every night. I was so use to it by now to know to just stay out of their cat fights. 
         We all sat in the car while Jonee drove home. The cool spring  breeze was hitting us in the faces.
"Here's the new one direction single 'best song ever' right here on 102.8" the radio screeched.
       As soon as the man said it, Caitlyn was freaking out. She's a huge directioner, same with Jonee. I've never cared for them. They have okay music, and sure, they have the looks but seem so fake.
   "No one talk!" Caitlyn screamed while putting her window down and screaming along to the radio at the top of her lungs.
       "Isn't Georgia Rose a slut" I asked with a smirk while Liam's part of the song came on. They can't stand when I bring that up, but they know I'm right.


**author note- okay so I know this chapter is super boring but I promise y'all it'll get better :3**


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