It's you...

Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


3. Luke

    Krystal POV
      As we pulled into my drive way, I quickly got out while feeling my phone vibrate on my hip. 
"Night Krystal" Caitlyn and Jonee yell out the car windows. 
  I pull out my phone to see that I got a message  from the guy I've been talking to for a couple days now. 

"Hey love"
He always makes me smile. His names Luke and is 18 from Scotland. When we first talked he said he wants to be a musician and that he works everyday for it. As soon as he told me that I knew there was something special. We both love music. 


"Hey lukey, how are you? :P" I message back.


"I'm home mom and dad" I yell as I walk inside, locking the door behind me. 

"Come in here sweets" my mom says back.

"I'm so tired, so talk in the morning? I want to go to bed." I reply while walking up the stairs and getting another message from Luke. I didn't even listen for her reply, camp today was to rough and long. All I wanted was to shower and to talk to Luke.

I put all my stuff on my bed while pulling out my phone.
"Im good. Bored like normal." He replied.

"Isn't it like 3 am there? Why not sleep"

"Cause I wanted to talk to u (:" 

Aww, he was so cute. I've never actually talked to him in person or video called him, but it's like we have been best friends for forever. 

"Well arnt u sweet" I send back.

I lay on my bed watching my phone waiting for a reply. Nothing, so I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep for the night.

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