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Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


15. Its today- 14

Krystal's POV:

"poor lady" I hear my mom say from the other room. I was sitting at our kitchen table studying for my final tomorrow. Why did we even need to memorize the entire periodic table. Completely pointless. Its not like I'm going to go up to some stranger and be like 'oh hey did you know lithium and silver's electrons combined is the same as the amount of electrons within tin??' Hell no.

 I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was Harry. I totally forgot about tomorrow.

"Can't wait till tomorrow, the guys and I will get down there around 1?"

"sounds cool cant wait, lets meet at the Starbucks on Joanne street"  I send back to him.

I would of never expected for me, out of all people, to be getting to know the worlds greatest boy band. Plus they were BRITISH and that one Irish boy.

"by the way mom tomorrow I'm going out with some of my friends after school. Don't know when I'll get home" I yell at her. If I didn't tell her she'd freak at me.

I looked back at my notes. To much science for one night, or forever. I closed up my books and put them in my bag. The kitchen clock already said 7:09.  Felt like one in the morning already.

 I jumped up from the kitchen chairs and ran up stairs. I had to figure out what to wear tomorrow. I normally don't get dressed up, but duh tomorrow I need to.

I found a cute pair of white, high hip jean shorts and a mint green, loose tank top with a white, thin cardigan.  It looked really good on my soft tan from being in marching band so much. Who says just because your a band geek you cant actually look good? They lied. Hah. I place the outfit on my bean bag in the corner of the room.

I fell back onto my bed and started thinking about them. The more I thought about the guys for, the more nervous I got. What if they didn't like me, or they were complete jack asses. Well they are bound to have one crappy person in the band that takes the publicity over their heads. One I could deal with. All of them like that, different story. All the possibilities if what tomorrow could bring ran through my mind. Millions of things could happen. My thoughts left me and lead me to a heavy sleep.



I woke up with the sound of my radio going off. Today was the day. Anything could happen. I slid right out of bed and ran to the shower.

Once I was all set for school I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs. I had my outfit that I picked out last night on, straight hair, and a little bit of mascara and lip stick. I felt all dolled up. I never wear make up, and it was kind of a nice change for once.

"Well look at you" my brother, Zach, laughed while staring at me.

"problem? I felt getting dressed up today." I give him the death glare.

I grab a pop tart from his plate and run out the door with my bag and keys. Plopping down in the car I grab my phone from my back pocket and text Jonee,

"hey babbbeee be there in 4 minutes"

I start up the car and the radio flips on to the song 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train.

 'Now that shes back in the atmosphere

  Im afraid that she might think of me as,

  plain O'Jane told a story about a man who was to afraid to fly so he never did land'

Best song ever.

A few minutes later I pulled into Jonee's driveway. She was going to be late, like always. I knew it, so I grabbed my phone and looked through my pictures to pass time. I found a bunch of my friends from the millions of times they have stolen my phone and taken selfies. I thought I'd have a a little fun with them.

I found the most embarrassing one of Jonee and posted it on my Istagram. I captioned it "haha you should hurry up. I get bored waiting for you :P love ya babe" within seconds she comes bursting outside and running towards the car.

"Hey" i say when she gets in the car.

"sorry it took so long, I just woke up twenty minutes ago, and whats with you miss dress fancy girl"

"just felt happy this morning I guess, and why cant I just look nice for once without everyone getting on my case about it." I said with a sarcastic tone.

"today is going to b-.." she cuts me off.

"Krystal!! I'm going to kill you!!" Jonee almost breaks out laughing. "Why did you post this?" while a phone got shoved in my face.

"caption" I stick out my tongue at her. By now we were pulling into the parking lot. Yippee. Another wonderful day at school.

We walked into the school together talking about the rest of our days, and I conveniently did not mention I'm meeting One Direction.  Jonee and I went our separate ways. Today was our first day of testing, that meant wed be stuck in a classroom for five hours. At least after we could leave, then anything could happen.



Harry's POV:

"IT'S TIME TO WAKE UPPPPPPPPP" Niall screams into my ear, waking me easily.

"what the hell Niall" I rub my eyes and look at the clock. 8:40 am. I only had 20 minutes to get ready before we left. Then we would get to meet her.

I got up and walked into the sitting area where everyone else was already, and surprisingly they were already set.

"Mr. Slow poke her is late for his own day. tsk. tsk." Zayn said while leaning up against the counter.

"Hey, I'll be ready in 10 minutes" my voice was still groggy from sleeping so long. I turned right back around and got dressed. I put on my favorite pair of black jeans, and a light blue, nice shirt. I went to brush my teeth, and I was set. 

"DONE" I yelled while walking out of the bathroom.

"Smooth styles. you actually made it in ten minutes this time"

"Leggho mates" I yell and push them all out the door.






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