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Krystal is just a normal girl from a small town that meets a guy named Luke online, but little does she know Luke is not who he says he is. He's a big star in the world'a largest boy band, One Direction.


18. Green Orbs

Krystal's POV:

I was sitting in my car waiting for any sign of them showing up. After about five minutes of waiting I saw a car pull in and one guy run out of the car into the building while four other guys get out and talk. It had to be them. Three out of the four got back in the car while one slowly walked inside.

When he got inside I opened up my door and got out myself. I felt several pairs of eyes on me then but attempted to ignore them. I walked up to the doors to Starbucks and opened them up.

He was sitting down at a table with his phone is his hand talking to the blonde Irish boy. I walk to the bathroom and fix my hair and stuff. He can wait a minute or two. As I walk out my phone goes off, on loud, and everyone in the room looks up at me. Including him.

"You here yet?" He sends me.

"Well I guess you are" Harry says right in front of me with his cool face on.

"I guess so" I say looking up at him. "Is it really you?"

"I hope so, come with me" He grabs my hand and pulls me over the table that he was previously at with the Irish boy.

"You must be Krystal" he says.

"Yah that's me"

His green eyes were the only thing I saw. They could capture anyone's attention. Solid as a diamond. The dark curls under his beanie showed through barely, but were still breathtaking. Each individual curl were perfect little ringlets. It was like he wasn't human, no one could be that perfect.

I must of been staring since he coughed trying to snap me back into reality.

"Sorry" I tell him.

"It's fine, well what do you want to do today? We're all here." Harry asked.

"Umm well it's a small town so there's not much to do, but there's a miniature golf in the mall." I tell them. Out of the corner of my eye I see the blonde one smirk and lean back while Harry chuckled.

"Sounds great" Harry said while standing up and trying to get us all out quickly. He had led us to the black car that I had previously seen the other guys in earlier.

He opened up the back door to reveal the three other guys in the back.

"Lads, this is Krystal. Krystal these are the lads." Harry introduced us and held the door open for me to get in.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to get in; I didn't even know the Guys. They could be complete pervs or freaks, but I took the chance. For sake it was one direction. What could go wrong?

I stepped up into car and sat down next to a guy that had short, brown hair. They all looked the same to me, and I couldn't tell the difference between them besides for Louis. I recognized him from when Harry and I had skipped. It felt so long ago.

"Hey Louis" I say turning around to look at him.

"Hello love" He said back with a grin while the other guys looked confused. "Nice to finally meet you."

"Yah, and um what's the rest of y'all's names. I'm horrible with remembering names" I felt embarrassed to even ask. They were the worlds biggest boy band. I was supposed to know their names; I'm a girl. Duh.

"It's fine, I'm Liam, that's Zayn, and that's Niall." The guy next to me said and pointed to the boys that the names belonged to. "But of course you already have met Niall"

"So where are we going, Haz?" Zayn asked.

"Krystal suggested we going miniature golfing" Harry said with that same smirk he had on earlier. The rest of the guys started laughing. I think I missed something.

"Did I miss something?" I asked looking around at all of them.

"Well I thought we were wanting a good first impression" Louis remarked while laughing.

"Well Krystal you can lead the way to the mall. But you might regret going golfing with us" Niall said while backing out of the Starbucks parking lot.

Now I was worried.

AN: Hey guys! So I tried making this chapter longerish, but you guys should go check out my new movella, it would mean so much to me!! It's called "Dream Runner"

Also I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving!!! :D

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