The Lost and Forsaken

Boston and her family plan on going on a nice relaxing winter vacation. They want to go to Melbourne, Australia to escape their freezing home in Minnesota. But during their flight things go tragically wrong. Join Boston on her journey of love, loss, betrayal, and hatred.


1. Chapter 1

   "Yes, Mom!" I yelled back to my annoying mother, who was just making sure everything was packed. "Hey, no need to get snappy with me," my mother replied. "It's not snappy if it's sassy!" To that I snapped my fingers.

   My family and I were going to be getting on a plane straight for Melbourne, Australia in less than 3 hours. Little did we know what was ahead of us...

   My name is Boston Rose Crimson. I was a 17 year old senior with a 14 year old little brother and an older sister who is 23. It was Winter in Minnesota and it was FREEZING! That's why we decided to take a trip to Melbourne. We had no clue that this vacation would lead to love, loss, hurt, betrayal, and hatred. This is my story.

   "Boston come on! We have to leave," yelled my mom from the car. "I'm coming," I yelled back as I rushed outside. I hoped into the car with my bother, Braidon, and both my parents. We were going to meet my sister, Tiffany, at the airport. The drive was very boring so I mainly just listened to music and doodled.

   Once we got to the airport we met up with Tiffany and went through all the different checking things. To be honest it was all a blur, mainly because I just didn't care. When we were on the plane I was sitting next to Tiffany, who I honestly couldn't care less about socializing with for the next 18 hours because I haven't seen her in the past year and a half. Well I guess that's mainly my fault because every time I was invited to see her I turned it down... Let's just say we didn't part on the best of terms.

   "So how's school going?" Oh, great, she's trying to make conversation... "Eh." I really wasn't in the mood for this. "Oh. Well do you have a boyfriend?" Why was she still talking?! I've only had one boyfriend and she knows that. Then again I guess we haven't talked in a year and a half... "No," it was a simple answer. I really hate where this is going..

   About an hour later Tiffany finally just stopped trying. I just went back to listening to my music and eventually fell asleep. I guessed I was sleep for about 2 and a half hours when I woke to up screaming. I was really confused as to what was happening until I realized the speed of the plane and the oxygen mask that had dropped in front of my face.

             Then everything went black.




    Hey, I actually had a dream about this the other night so I decided to write a book about it! Haha I hope you guys like it!<3

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