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Just a bunch of Head Canons I make up, I see on the internet, or ones requested in comments! Plus, each head canon has a piece of amazing fan art attached to it! Request below!
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45. Head Canon 044: Narcissa Malfoy


The year that Lucius was incarcerated in Azkaban, was one of, if not the worst years of Narcissa's life. It completely tore her apart to the point that she was unable to function on a human level most days. The one time that she was able to visit him only proved to make her worse and it got to the stage that even her son couldn't soothe her pain. 

Many times Draco had tried to get a response from his Mother and ninety percent of the time he got nothing. On one occasion he had placed his hand on her shoulder and waited until she would look at him. When she finally did, she gazed at her son blankly for a long time before her features contorted in pain. Whispering the words “Look at you… You look so much like your Father.” she finally cracked in front of her son and sobbed uncontrollably until she could cry no more. After that day, she rarely ever looked at her Son until her Husband was returned to her side. She couldn't do it because she saw too much of Lucius and it only added to her pain.

With what felt like the entire world against her, her mental state deteriorating as each day went by and the fact that she pushed anyone away from her and took comfort in any bottle that’s contents was strong enough to make her feel something other than pain, there was perhaps only one thing that stopped her from slipping away completely. No one understood why she did it, but Narcissa took up writing letters to Lucius. Of course she knew somewhere deep in the back of her mind that she couldn't send them because Lucius would never get to read them, but she still wrote to him every day. It become her way of keeping herself going as it let her believe even for just a short while that she could talk to him and he would be able to hear her. Each night before bed, she would sit behind her Husbands desk in his study and write to him. Sometimes the letters would be two sides long, others only said a few words, but each and every one of them were placed face down in the out-tray on the desk until there was a pile of almost 300 sheets of parchment.

Months after Lucius escaped Azkaban, he stumbled upon the pile of letters that Narcissa had written and read every single one of them before he had made it known to his wife that he had found them. Approaching her with the letters in hand, very few words were passed between them. Seeing the letters in her husbands hands, knowing that he had read them brought all the memories back to Narcissa and on seeing the pain of what she went through flash in her eyes, Lucius pulled her into his arms and swore that he would never put her through anything like that again.

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