Harry Potter Head Canons

Just a bunch of Head Canons I make up, I see on the internet, or ones requested in comments! Plus, each head canon has a piece of amazing fan art attached to it! Request below!
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Harry Potter Headcanons
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44. Head Canon 043: Bellatrix Lestrange

Andromeda and Bellatrix were originally supposed to marry Rabastan and Rodolphous  Lestrange, respectively, in a double wedding. Neither of them loved the Lestrange brothers, but marrying a good pure-blood was expected of them, and they'd agreed to go into the marriages together.

When Andromeda announced to her family that she's fallen in love with a muggleborn, and was marrying him instead, her parents yelled, but Bellatrix was the only one who actually attempted to curse her sister. Narcissa stopped her in time but Andromeda's act was ultimately one Bellatrix could never forgive, even as she went on with her own marriage to Rodolphus.  

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