Turning my life around

I have had lots to deal with in a short space of time, this is a true story of how I coped with loneliness, abandonment and how I picked myself up from rock bottom


1. New Year, New School

I wasn't the most intelligent child at school, in fact probably one of the dumbest. I left primary school feeling good about my future, I had achieved so much considering how bad things were in my first school. I was looking forward to what life would bring in a new school. September term started like any other school term, introduction to lessons, first pieces of homework, making new friends, maps of the school where you had to go round in those designated groups trying to find out where you were supposed to be next. October and November soon breezed past, the lessons got easier and getting lost became a thing of the past. Before we knew it Christmas was soon upon us. Christmas this year was to be the best ever, while myself and my brother were at school mum and dad had been slowly decorating the house inside and out. Even down to placing mince pies, carrots and a glass of sherry on the table. My brother and I awoke Christmas morning to find bulging stockings and a smell of the Roast Turkey mum had put in. A glistening Christmas tree with presents underneath greeted us as my brother and I made our way into the living room. Lets get this present marathon under way. Mum and Dad watched as one by one we opened our presents watching as smiles of joy filled our faces as we uncovered each gift we wanted. Mum got on with preparing dinner while dad took us out on our new bikes. The Turkey, Parsnips and Roast Potatoes cooking away merrily in the oven, Veggies on the boil in the kitchen our home smelled heavenly! You could tell this Christmas was going to be one to remember yet when your a child it comes around far too slow and goes even faster.....
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