Zayn Perfect Two

A girl called Ellie meets a boy called Zayn and falls inlove but Zayn just want's to be friends, will Ellie be able to change his mind ?


1. Town

"Ellie, Ellie wake up" I heard, getting woke up by my best friend Gemma, "Ok I'm awake, what are you doing here so early?" I mumbled, squinting over to my clock that showed 8:00 A.M. She smiled at me "Well I thought we were going to town, weren't we?" She said opening my wardrobe and searching through my clothes, I slowly got out of bed and walked next to her also going through my clothes, she pulled out some shorts and I pulled out a pink tank top, she nodded and walked over to my door where all my shoes are, she picked up some purple vans and then chose my love heart chain necklace, I put it all on and we went down stairs. "Morning mum, what's for breakfast," I asked my mum sitting down at the table, Alice my little sister came and sat down next to me "Morning Ellie" She said, "Morning" I replied smiling down to her, "Beans on toast" My mum said to me, "Ohh Yum! Oh yeah mum can Gemma have some please?" I asked politely, my mum nodded and Gemma sat next to me, "How much money you got?" She asked me opening her purse, "Umm I think I have about £150 something saved up in my bank and then ummm about £20 in cash" I replied, "Cool I think I have about that too, if not I can use my mums card cause she gave it too me and told me that I can use it if I have less money then you," She said smiling, "Oh this letter came in the post for you earlier," My mum said handing me a letter, I ripped it open and read out loud 'Meet me outside Starbucks in town at 12:00 - Z' me and Gemma looked at each other confused "Who could it be?" My mum asked leaning on the table next to me, "I dunno I know three people with names that start with Z there's Billy who's last name starts with Z and then Zayn and then Zack" I said, Gemma shrugged, "Well shall we meet them or not?" She asked me, "Well yeah but it's just I'm confused why did they only sign it with Z instead of their whole name?" I replied, Gemma shrugged again and started to eat her beans, I started to eat too but couldn't stop thinking about the letter. "Mum can you drop us off at town please?" I asked politely finishing my breakfast, mum nodded and put her jacket on, we all got to the door and Gemma helped Alice tie her shoes, mum grabbed her car keys, I grabbed my bag and purse and locked the front door behind me before we drove off down the street.

10:00 A.M

We got to town and Gemma and I got out the car, we waved good bye to mum and Alice, and started to walk up to the shops, "Where first? Primark?" I asked, "Yeah" Gemma agreed, we made our way through the crowds of people and got to Primark, "Well I need a dress for summer,some jeans and a denim jacket," I said searching through the racks of cothing, "K, I need a top, shoes, a dress and some jeans,"Gemma replied, I pulled out some really cool grey jeans with the USA flag on the pockets and they had some rips in them and the USA flag was showing under them they looked awesome, Gemma came up to me with two of the same tops she gave one to me "Look there well cool they've got like a galaxy background and then like the infinity sign i think it's called" she said to me smiling, they were really cool, "Wicked" I said dropping it into my basket,"let's go look at the dresses," Gemma said dragging me by the wrist, "How bout this one?" I said holding a small dress with speckled flowers over it, it had two little slits in the edge where the hips would be, "Ohh pretty, you should get that one it'll suit you" Gemma said smiling, I smiled and placed it into my basket, "you still need some jeans and a dress," I said, she smiled and held up a dress with little daisy's over it, I nodded and picked up two pairs of stripy blue and white jeans, "I like these, I'm gonna get a pair and you should too" I said passing Gemma a pair, she took them and grinned, "What you grinning about?" I asked her confused "Don't worry" she mumbled, "lets go get some shoes and your denim jacket, pay and go to another shop" She said nudging me to walk, I walked on and picked up my jacket and we went up stairs to look at the shoes, "how bout these, the bow is really cute and my fave colour is pink" Gemma said showing me a pair of dolly shoes with a black ribbon bow and pink material, "Yeah their really nice" I said, too busy thinking about who Gemma could have seen. We payed and left the shop.

10:45 A.M

"Where now?" Gemma asked me, "Internacionale, I saw an awesome bag there with love hearts over it and a really nice skirt" I replied rushing towards Internacionale, Gemma following behind, I walked in and picked up the bag and skirt, I was paying for them while Gemma was trying some clothes on, about 20 minutes later she came out, "Are you buying them?" I asked her, "Yeah I really like them" She replied smiling, she stood in the cue and waited, she bought them and we started to leave the shop. "What time is it?" Gemma asked me, "Umm 11:30" I said looking at my phone, "Shall we go look in Superdrug cause I need more makeup and then we go to Starbucks to meet z" She asked me, I nodded as we started to make our way to Superdrug, "I need some lipstick, eye liner and mascara." I said walking towards the makeup isle, Gemma picked up a red lipstick and purple eye shadow, I had some pale pink lipstick, black mascara and fast stroke black eyeliner, we payed for it all and started to walk to Starbucks.

12:00 P.M

We sat down in Starbucks and waited for Z, while we were waiting I went on my phone and played temple run, "Omg Ellie, look, Z is Zayn" Gemma said to me tapping me on the arm and pointing in Zayn's direction, I stood up and walked over to him.

"Hey," I said to him, "Hey" he replied smiling down at me with his big brown eyes, "Was the letter from you?" I asked him curiously, "Yeah, I didn't know weather you would meet me if I signed my full name so I signed it Z" He replied, "I would have met you cause I would've wandered why" I said back to him, "So why did you want to meet me?" I added, "Well, I wanted to ask you something" he answered, "And that is?..." I asked him, "Will, you be the peanut butter to my jelly, my apple to my pie, my straw to my berry, my smoke to my high, take the both of us and make the perfect two" he asked me, "Awww your so sweet, Yes!" I replied hugging him, "Wow that worked out a lot better then I thought it would" he softly mumbled into my ear with his warm breath against my neck making my hairs go up, "Well I've been wanting to hear them words come from your lips," I whispered back to him, "Well did I miss the invitation to the love fest?" Gemma said jokingly, "Well" I replied grinning at her, "Oh so Zayn popped the question?" She replied giggling, I frowned and shook my head "Shu' up!" I blurted out, Zayn chuckled and held my hand, "Calm down I know she's joking" he said to me, "Ok sorry," I said gazing up at him. 

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