Zayn Perfect Two

A girl called Ellie meets a boy called Zayn and falls inlove but Zayn just want's to be friends, will Ellie be able to change his mind ?


2. 1st Date

"Ellie, Zayn's at the door, your late for your date" My mum said waking me up, "Crap!" I shouted sitting up, my mum looked at me stunned, "Mum it's not like I don't swear when I'm not with you," I said pushing her out of the room, "Tell him to come in and wait in the living room, don't ask him embarrassing questions and tell him I'll be down as soon as I can!!!" I yelled looking for the top and jeans I bought yesterday, "Ok" I heard my mum yell back, I pulled on my clothes put some socks on and put my galaxy converse on, I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth washed my face and then rushed back up to my room, I put some lip gloss on and some mascara I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a high messy bun, I put my cross necklace on and my yin yang ring and gave myself one last look in the mirror before walking downstairs, "Hi sorry I made us late um, shall we go?" I asked Zayn standing at the bottom of the stairs, Zayn stood up and walked over to me smiling "You look beautiful, wouldn't you like to have breakfast first? since you just woke up and we won't be eating until lunch time," He said taking my hand in his, "Ok if your ok with waiting I don't want to if you don't want to be any later" I said walking towards the kitchen, "I'll live" Zayn muttered under his chuckle, I had some shreddies and rushed upstairs to get my jacket and bag, Zayn waited at the bottom of the stairs for me, when I came back down and saw he was talking to Alice, he looked up at me and a smile grew onto his face, "Ready to go?" He said putting his hand out to me, I took it and smiled "Yeah" I said, we were walking to the door when my mum shouted for me, "Ellie," I heard making me stop and turn around to see Alice standing there and my mum rushing towards me out off the kitchen, "What" I said wanting to just leave already, "Make sure you text me when you get there when your leaving and what time you'll be coming home" she said to me, "uhhhhh, k what ever" I moaned walking out, "Bye!" I yelled before slamming the door shut behind me, Zayn led me to his car, "I didn't know you had a car, in fact I didn't even know you cold drive," I said getting into the passenger seat, "It's my mums car, but yes I can drive," Zayn said getting in the seat next to me and strapping his self in, "So where are we going?" I asked leaning my head on the window, "Do you like bowling?" He replied smiling, "Yeah" I said sitting up and looking at him, "Well then we'll go bowling and then go get lunch" he said giving me a quick glance and a grin, I smiled and lent my head back on the chair, it was about a 10 minute journey to get to the bowling alley.

10:00 AM

Zayn parked in the parking lot and came to help me out, he put his hand out and I took it pulling gently on it to get up, he held my hand and grasped his fingers through the gaps between mine, we walked in and he went to pay for our lane, he came back to me and guided us over to the lane we were in,  annoyingly the 'chav' and her 'chavy gang' were about 3 lanes away from us and I knew one of them had a crush on Zayn and had always hated me her name was Alex and her 'gang' were Charlotte and Grace, I don't know why they hated me I never even spoke to them but they would always find little things to pick on me with, Alex spotted me with Zayn and started rushing towards us, "Oh hi what are you two doing here together?" She asked chewing her gum loudly, I could see in Zayn's eyes he hated her, I don't blame him she's constantly flirting with him and he gets really annoyed by her, "If you must know I'm here on a date with Ellie" Zayn said putting his arm around my shoulders, I could see the anger flair up in her eyes, "What you finally gave in after her asking you" She snapped glaring at me, "Actually I have never asked him out and he asked me out" I replied holding Zayn's hand, "Can you leave us alone please," Zayn asked turning around and getting a bowling ball, Alex leaned into me " Stay away from my man!" She snapped before turning around whipping her bleach blonde hair in my face, I ignored it and turned around to watch Zayn take his turn.

11:00 AM

We had played 1 round and was I was taking my last turn on the second round before we leave, Alex and her friends had only annoyed us  once more but we ignored it, Zayn had won the 1st round but I was about to win the 2nd round if I hit 3 or more pins, I watched as the ball rolled down the lane Zayn came and stood beside me hoping that I would't hit any but I watched as 7 pins fell down, "YES!" I screamed catching Alex's attention, she looked up and glared at me before looking back down, I smiled and jumped around, Zayn looked at me and clapped laughing I walked up to him and gave him a tight hug, "It's only fair cause you won the 1st round" I said my hands around his neck, he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me in closer to him, i giggled and pulled away going to my bag to check my phone, I had 10 messages from my mum and 3 missed calls 1 from Gemma and 2 from my mum, I texted my mum saying 'everything was fine I just couldn't hear my phone over everything going on in the bowling alley', she replied 1 minute later with 'ok' and texted Gemma reminding her I was on a date. "Shall we get something to eat or go for a short walk?" Zayn said taking my had in his and picking my jacket up for me, "We could go for a walk and then grab lunch" I replied smiling and trying to take my jacket off him but he wouldn't let me hold it "K" he said pulling me out of the place, we stared to walk to the park when Zayn stopped and looked at me, we were standing in the middle of an empty field and it felt like it was about to rain, "Oh no it's spitting" I said standing still and looking up, Zayn pulled me into him and hugged me, opening his jacket zip he pulled me into him, wrapping my arms around him he pulled me in closer and tried to zip the jacket up I giggled and pulled away, "We won't fit with it zipped up," I said giggling, he pulled me in as we continued hugging, "Ohhh" he said laughing, before we knew it, it was chucking it down with rain, I was about to run for cover but Zayn pulled me into a tighter hug, I looked up at him water streaming down his face and his quiff now flat down making a short fringe I giggled at the sight of him i could only imagine how I looked my hair was probably stuck to my cheeks my mascara running down my face and my hair beginning to curl because it got wet, I was about to say something but before I could open my mouth Zayn pulled me in and held me by the hips kissing me, I felt a rush of butterflies going through my body giving me goose bumps, I held the back of Zayn's neck as we kissed for about 5 minutes, it was so passionate and in the rain it was so romantic, Zayn pulled away looking down at me, his hands on my waist I looked up at him and smiled, "Wow 1st ever kiss, 1st ever date, 1st ever boyfriend," I mumbled hoping Zayn wouldn't hear but he did, "This is all your first!" He said shocked, I looked up at him and nodded, "B-bu-but your so, j-just um," he stuttered, "look at you, your beautiful" he blurted out kissing me on the cheek, "Awww thanks, and your so gorgeous," I said hugging him, I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he mumbled, "Thanks but no I'm not" I looked up at him and ignored it cause I knew it was true but he would just deny it, I took his hand and we walked back towards his car, "So where do you wanna go for lunch?" he said pulling out of the car park, "Ummm Nandos?" I said smiling, "Ok, is there a curtain time you have to be home?" he said driving round the round about, "No" I said gazing out the window at the rain still chucking it down, "So um, do you wanna come to mine for dinner?" he said smiling at me pulling into the car park in town, "sure, I'd love too" I said opening the door getting out, "Great and my mum and dad have gone away for the week end with my 3 sisters so it'll just be us 2" he said holding me by the waist, I nodded and we walked down the road to Nandos.

12:00 PM

We at at the table and ordered what we wanted, after an hour we had finished eating and were just talking getting to know each other better then we already did, he started:

"fave colour?" 

"Pink, Purple and blue, you?"

"Blue, yellow, fave song?"

"party in the USA Miley Cyrus, you?"

"I dunno don't really have one"

"K, um, fave signer or band?" 

"Coldpaly, or Mario, you?"

"I like Coldplay too,"

"cool,  how old were you when you had your first kiss and how did you have it?"

he must have forgot what I said, "I was 16 and it was in the rain with the guy I love"

"Oh yeah I forgot you had it today, I forgot what you had said,"

"So how bout you?"

"Well I would love to say it was today but it wasn't I was 9 and I stood on a brick cause I was smaller then her, I regret it because she became popular and horrible,"

"And now your 17 and can actually think about the person your going to kiss,"

"yep exactly, so do ya wanna get going to my house then?"

"Yeah sure" I said smiling

We got to his car and got in, "So I was really your first kiss?" he said still sounding shocked even though he found out 2 hours ago and forgot and the remembered again 10 minutes ago, "yes" I replied looking down at my lap, "was it good?" he asked, "No it was terrible," I said sarcastically, "Oh fine maybe you should go back to yours then" he said sounding hurt, "I was joking silly" I said leaning forward kissing him on the cheek before he had to start driving again, we were only 20 minutes away from his house. I texted my mum so she wouldn't worry, and put my phone back in my pocket.

4:25 PM

We pulled up in his drive way and walked into his house, I sat o the comfy sofa and Zayn put Love Actually on the TV, we sat snuggled up watching, when the door bell rang, Zayn stood up out of my grasp and went to the door, "Pizza!" Zayn shouted running in the living room again with a pizza that smelt amazing in his hands, he placed it on the table in front of the sofa and got 2 plates, he gave me 2 pieces and 3 for him, I sat back and ate 1 slice before Zayn had finished getting drinks and changing the film, now we were watching Friends with Benefits, he sat down placing 2 cups of Pepsi on the table, he sat back and I snuggled into him under a blanket because my feet were cold.

9:00 PM

*Zayn's POV*

Ellie had fallen asleep after the 4th movie, so I was just sat there watching the rest of Marley and Me with her head on my lap, she looked adorable when she slept so peaceful, I lent down and kissed her gently on the lips trying not to wake her, "Zayn" I heard her mumble as her eyes fluttered open, "Yeah babe" I replied grinning, "I love you" She said which gave my butterflies, "I love you too" I replied, she smiled and closed her eyes again, "Hey do you wanna stay the night, I have a double bed and plus I don't think I'll get you home awake properly," I asked her smiling, "Sure can you text my mum for me from my phone and just say I'm sleeping in the guest room" she replied, "Ok" I said laughing, I texted her mum and picked her up bridal style, she grasped my neck and kissed me on the cheek, I placed her on my bed and chucked her one of my baggy tops, she picked it up and went to the bathroom to change, 5 minutes later she came in just wearing my baggy top and some knickers, "Night babe" I whispered kissing her and hugging her before shutting my eyes, "Night" she mumbled back, hugging me under the covers, I tuned around and she burrowed her head into my neck, I could feel her breathing deeply on my neck meaning she had fallen asleep.

*Ellie's POV*

All I was dreaming about was me and Zayn and I loved it.

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