Y Me?

Nicole was always insecure about herself. Her friends and family would tell her that's shes beautiful but she would never ever believe them, that's until a cheeky curly-haired boy names Harry (yes from One Direction) changed everything...

heyyyy guyyss(: so this is my new fanfic hope u enjoy it and please noo hate(: already insecure enough :/ hope u enjoy it feedback would b extraordinharry(: thanks!!(:


9. Why not?

So we were walking out of Hollister laughing at what I made Niall try on when these 2 fans came out. They asked for a few signatures but then one of them asked Harry,"Are you dating her?" Harry responded, "Erm no we're just really good friends." He said while letting go of my hand. My heart shattered and the girl seemed genuinely happy, glad she was.

The rest of the day me and Harry never spoke not even once, we all knew why and even during the movie I ended up sitting between Niall and Zayn because Harry wanted to sit with Louis. I was so pissed at him, he was acting like a douche the whole day, purposely avoiding me in every single f way possible, HOW STUPID DOES BE HONESTLY THINK I AM!!! 

When we got home it was only 7, (we spent 4 hours there) Harry hade asked me to speak alone with him in my room, normally I wouldn't have even given him a chance to even talk to me but since he was the love of my life, ehh why not? Harry started it off with, "so ermmm.. look about the fan thing, i didn't mean to-" I cut him off by saying, "Well you did so don't sweat over it, let's just forget that and the kiss ever happened." I finished getting up.

He grabbed my wrist, spun me around and kissed me really hard, it was the most passionate kiss I've ever hade with him, he kept teasing me as always smiling and shoving his tongue down my throat, it was so pleasing. I wrapped my my hands around his neck and he soon started going to my neck, lightly pecking it, caressing it with his tongue. It started getting really passionate as to wear he started to take my clothes off, but soon I stopped him before he went too far. 
So after we continued in our hot make-out session until I started getting these bad thoughts. I was lost in a trance while we were at it, I started thinking what if this all just some publicity stunt I mean honestly why would the Harry Styles want some fugly ugly fat stupid girl like me?? Tears started making there way down my face, Harry noticed, wiped them away and asked, "Babe what's wrong?" I didn't answer and ran straight to the bathroom with an exacto knife in my hand.


---- heyyy all you bootyfulll buttons c; hope you enjoyed this chapter and i especially hope ya been spreadin da word about mah fanfic.. pwwweeeaaasseee c; anywho did she just say an exacto knife :0 aww shit shit is about to go down :O

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