Y Me?

Nicole was always insecure about herself. Her friends and family would tell her that's shes beautiful but she would never ever believe them, that's until a cheeky curly-haired boy names Harry (yes from One Direction) changed everything...

heyyyy guyyss(: so this is my new fanfic hope u enjoy it and please noo hate(: already insecure enough :/ hope u enjoy it feedback would b extraordinharry(: thanks!!(:


7. No Buts

They soon came back, Harry still trying to put a smile on his face even though I know something's wrong, I can't believe he actually thinks I'm that stupid to believe that he's suddenly all ok about what happened with he and I. I really didn't want them to go even though I eventually knew they hade to, luckily it was a Friday so hopefully they could stay the weekend. I was abruptly disrupted by my thoughts when Liam cleared his throat and asked, "Alright so where to now?" I thought awhile and responded, "Well since I don't really have any cash on me I guess we could just walk around. ..." I said with uncertainty in my voice, Zayn responded, "Well love if u haven't noticed we do have a bit of extra money right now." He winked, "But-" I was cut off by Harry saying, "No buts, sorry love but we're taking u shopping and then we'll go to a cinema, watch a movie and have a blast."Harry said making me uneasy. "Fine." I sighed, "But I have 1 condition." The boys nodded a little confused but then gestured me to continue, "I get to pick the movie." I said with more confidence than I expected. They all looked around at one another than nodded.

----- Heyyyyyyyy(((: soo sorry once again for the shitty and short chapter, i swear they looked longer on my phone(: hah anyways soo yeahh next chapters gonna bbb goooood(((: LOVE U ALL!!!(: - Harry'sbutton

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