Y Me?

Nicole was always insecure about herself. Her friends and family would tell her that's shes beautiful but she would never ever believe them, that's until a cheeky curly-haired boy names Harry (yes from One Direction) changed everything...

heyyyy guyyss(: so this is my new fanfic hope u enjoy it and please noo hate(: already insecure enough :/ hope u enjoy it feedback would b extraordinharry(: thanks!!(:


14. Crazy mofo?

They soon left just in the nik of time too because then my mom got home, I wasn't planing on telling her what happened just bc I knew she wouldn't believe me, anyways I asked her how work was and stuff like tht, we chatted for awhile before I yawned and said goodnight while heading up the stairs.

I was heading of the stairs when my phone buzzed, ooh someone text-ed me... hmm I wonder who it could b I sarcastically thought as I opened the message:
Harry ^-^ 
Goodnight love, I love u and sorry I hope you didn't mind me getting ur number 
It's fine(: I don't mind @ all and goodnight ily 2^-^
Harry ^-^ 
Ok good just checking(; anyways goodnight beautiful sleep well xoxx
Hahaah u better(; goodnight handsome u 2(: o and btw the back door's unlocked(;
Harry ^-^
Good to know(; night beautiful xoxx
After that I plugged my phone into charge and dozed off into a deep slumber. 
*Next morning*

I woke up with strong sexy arms around me, i blinked my eyes a few times then noticed those dimples and curls and knew who it was, i smiled huge. "Morning beautiful." he said in a somewhat sexy voice, "Morning Hazz," I said, "Erm what the hell are you doing here?, i thought you hade a photo-shoot?? I stated, "We did, this morning, it's noon right now babe." my eyes went wide with a slight smirk, "hmmm... weird.... i haven't slept till noon in awhile... hmmm..." i questioned, "Maybe it's because you got your boyfriend's arms around you." harry said all cheeky, "Boyfriend? Sorry curly but i don't recall being asked...." I said while winking at Harry, "Well i think we can change that," Harry said all sexy, "Nicole will you be my-" Harry was caught off by Niall screaming,"CRAZY MOFO!!!!" We all started laughing because we both new Niall and the boys hade planned this.


--- bahahahahaha xDDDD i would love to be Harry's crazy mofo(; anyways how do you guys feel about Zayn being engaged to a purple unicorn?? Since i'm not a Zayn girl then i don't really mind but i'm just afraid of them breaking up because thts what happened to the Beatles and Jonas Brothers :/ but i know deep down inside that there different and would never in a million years do that to there fans (us) so yeah i just hope Harry stays single until we meet someday... - Harrysbutton xxo


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