Forever is a awful long time as you know that. When 16 year old Emily goes to a bar late at night with her friend Jessie to get over her ex- boyfriend Chris, she finds herself talking to this strange boy who seems to want to get to know her more then shes comfortable with.


1. Party Pooper

Emily's P.O.V


" Jessie! " I whined as i was unwillingly dragged to a bar late at night. i should be in my cozy sweats and tank top with my hair in a messy bun. All tucked up like a caterpillar in my duvet at home. NOT dolled up in torn denim skinny jeans, hair wavy natural make up and a tight tank top that shows my belly button. 


" come on Emily, shut up and try to have fun " Jessie squealed as she dragged me through the door diving between the herds of drunk people. " Try to lighten up " she moaned.

" How can i? i just broke up with Chris " i Sobbed as Jessie left me at the bar on my own as she dived into the swaying crowd of dancers. 


I sat at the bar alone. " Martini please shaken not stirred " i groaned. The drink was placed in front of my as a boy came and sat next to me. 

" Hey gorgeous " The British accent said.

" um sorry but who are you? " I pondered

" Sorry allow me to introduce myself " He paused

" well that would be helpful " I grinned sarcastically 

He rolled his eyes then smiled playfully " i am Harold styles, better known as Harry the Heart Thief " he bowed. I laughed at his formal stupidity.

" Well Harold, i am Emily Foster and here is one heart that you wont be getting tonight " i curtsied. He laughed and took my hand.

"Well miss Emily Foster  would you like to dance... as a friend? " He winked

" i would be much obliged " i smiled and laughed and he pulled me to the dance floor.

After about 15 minutes of dancing to the latest tunes like The summertime sadness remix we flopped back on our chairs.


" phew your a pretty good dancer " Harry complimented

" not so bad your self hot stuff " I winked. we both burst out laughing as i noticed the time on his watch.

" oh my god! is that the time? i have to go i'm so sorry " I panicked 

" can i give you a ride home ? " Harry asked

" um no thank you i have to find my friend " i babbled as i got up. Harry placed his hand on mine and said.

" atleast can i have your number incase you want to party again sometime ? " He smiled.

I smiled back and gave him my number. 

" Bye Harry " i yelled over the music as i left out the door. I looked around for Jessie and saw her snogging some random boy. So i sauntered over there and tapped her on the shoulder and cleared my throat.


" sorry but my Casanova friend here best be off home " i giggled and took her by the arm and began to walk off home.

I wonder if Harry would actually want to meet up again?

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