Forever is a awful long time as you know that. When 16 year old Emily goes to a bar late at night with her friend Jessie to get over her ex- boyfriend Chris, she finds herself talking to this strange boy who seems to want to get to know her more then shes comfortable with.


2. Movie Magic

Harry's P.O.V


I added her number to my mobile. i loved her she had something the other girls i have dated didn't. Self control. Not going for the first guy she lays her eyes on. She had the most beautiful brown hair with red tinges and the bluest eyes i have ever seen. Emily Foster. Such a pretty name to go with the most perfect girl of my dreams. 


H: Hey gorgeous fancy meeting up again tonight? x

E: No, raging head ache and feet hurt from all last nights partying. sorry x

H: No problem, what about a movie then, round yours ? x

E: Cant sorry, 10 year old sis x

H: Round mine then pick you up at say... 7? x

E: you never give up do you Harry? x

H: nope ill be waiting outside for ya x


Yes! movie night with Emily. Gonna be a hell of a night if all plans go right.


Emilys P.O.V



H: Nope ill be waiting outside for ya x


Ugh . He never gives up does he? I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. 

By the time i got out it was 6:30PM shit that only gave me half an hour. I threw on a crop top and some high wasted shorts with tears in and my white all stars. i applied slightly darker make-up around my eyes and a rose lip gloss. i went for the wild look with my hair. I walked into my little sisters room. she was sound asleep. Georgia's such a cute sleeper but a complete maniac when shes up and about. i Kissed her forehead and tucked her in, as i went to leave i heard a tiny voice.


" Do you have to go tonight " she yawned rubbing her eyes

" its only for a couple hours and Jessie is coming round to watch the house while im gone since dad is in Africa and mum is... " i said eyes watering " dont worry youll be ok while im gone " i smiled stroking the hair out of her face and giving her a peck on the cheek " now goodnight you dizzy dreamer " i laughed tweaking her nose 

" night Emily " she giggled.

i walked out of the room and slowly closed the door. i tip toed downstairs and heard a knock at the door.

" hey Jessie, food on the table t.v remotes on the arm of the sofa " i said opening the door as she waltzed in straight to the food. 

I looked outside and saw a black car pull up and honk its horn. Must be him then i thought. " Bye Jessie" I waved she didnt reply she was busy tucking into the huge bowl of pop corn for her.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the car.

" Hey gorgeous " Harry smiled

" Hey hot stuff " i winked getting into the car.

as we drove off i kept noticing Harry stare at  me, about five minutes after we started we stopped and he got out of the car, to my door and held it open for me holding out a hand to help me up.

" Why thank you kind gentleman " i giggled

" your very welcome miss " he joked

we linked arms and went inside the house. 

" so what movie?" i asked 

" human centipede " he said putting in the disk. I gulped i had always been scared of horror movies i flopped on the sofa and ate a bit of popcorn. Harry came and sat next to me.


Half an hour into the movie i was hiding my face in Harry's shoulder, her looked at me and put his arm around my and pulled me closer to him and i felt safe. I looked up and him and gazed into his beautiful emerald eyes his brown mop top covering his forehead. We looked at each other our faces about an inch apart. I leaned in and kissed him on his soft lips. 

" oh my god im so sorry " i said covering my mouth as i pulled away. He took my hand away from my mouth with one hand and with the other he cupped my cheek and began to kiss me again he licked my lip for entrance and i let him in, and our tongues began to fight for dominance. He Won. i bit his lover lip as he pulled away. i rested my head on his chest and fell into a deep sleep.

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