Forever is a awful long time as you know that. When 16 year old Emily goes to a bar late at night with her friend Jessie to get over her ex- boyfriend Chris, she finds herself talking to this strange boy who seems to want to get to know her more then shes comfortable with.


3. Jealous Much

Emily's P.O.V 


i woke up and blinked a few times as my eyes adjusted to the glimmer of light coming through the  opened curtains. i yawned and rubbed my eyes so help them get used to the bright rays. i jumped a little as i felt a pair of strong arms wrap and around my waist and pull my close to them.


" gooood morning beautiful " i heard a voice say.

" good morning " i said relaxing as i realized it was Harry

i sat up and stared around the room noticing it was a bedroom. what happened to the lounge and sofa?

" how did we get up here? " i asked puzzled

" you fell asleep on me as the movie finished so i carried you up here, you looked so cute when you sleep " he winked

" cute..? " i blushed

" oh sorry i didnt mean.. " he stuttered

i pushed my lips on his for a peck on the lips " that's OK " i giggled as i got up out of bed and got dressed in some of Harry's clothes he had lent me. He went down stairs and said he would make breakfast.

i was just putting my hair in a messy bun when there was a knock at the door " come in " i said as i was doing my laces on my shoes up, a boy with messy blonde hair entered the room.

" yes can i help you? " i pondered

he stood there quiet for a moment before walking up to me holding out his hand " Hi im Niall, Harry's mate "

" um.. hi im- " i began to say

" Emily i know Harry wont shut up about you " i blushed. He walked over to my phone and typed something into it.

" well bye Emily " he smiled

".... bye..? " i answered confused as i went to look at my phone once he had left, he had typed his number into it and probably had my number too. If i knew right, i would say he looked a bit jealous...


I walked down the stairs and smelt pancakes, i literally ran into the kitchen to find Niall cooking Pancakes, i looked around and then saw Harry on the terrace staring at the floor,

"whats up? " i asked but he only mumbled 

" what? " i pondered as he took my phone and pointed at Niall's number

" that " he frowned

i sighed and laughed was that what he was angry about? " yeah Niall typed his number in my phone for some reason, i barely know him " i groaned

" oh yeah right Emily you probably have a crush on him dont you?! " he spat loudly in my face.

" yeah right i so do, when i barely know him. " i sarcastically whispered under my breathe as i turned to walk away. Harry grabbed my arm and tried to spin me round but i shook his hand off me. 

" Emily i'm sorry i didn't mean it like that " he spoke as i turned around to see that his eyes had softened. i turned back around to face the door that lead upstairs. i glanced at Niall who had maple syrup all over his face from his pancakes, it made me grin a little as i stormed upstairs to the bedroom, he was so jealous of me meeting Niall i thought as i slammed the door shut.

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