Forever is a awful long time as you know that. When 16 year old Emily goes to a bar late at night with her friend Jessie to get over her ex- boyfriend Chris, she finds herself talking to this strange boy who seems to want to get to know her more then shes comfortable with.


4. Bath time

Emily's P.O.V


i went into the bathroom and ran a bath for myself i filled it up to the brim with bubbles and stripped. I sunk into the water as i lay there with my eyes closed for a while before i heard a knock at the bathroom door.


" who is it? " i spoke opening one eye lazily

" its Pinocchio " it said cockily

i rolled my eyes " yeah and im sleeping beauty who is it really "

" Harry " he said

" what do you want curly " i joked as he bashed his hand on the door from his new nickname.

" i want to come in " he said, i could tell that he was smirking

" shame that cos the doors locked " i grinned and closed my eyes again.

a few moment later i heard  the door unlock from the outside and it creaked open to have harry standing there with my two grips i stood there and wondered how the heck he did that my mouth wide open.


Harry walked in and closed the door behind him, as i slid further under the water not wanting him to see me with nothing on. " what do you want hazza " i grumbled

" i want to say sorry for yelling at you " he looked down his curls hanging over his eyes.

i kinda felt sorry for him " apology accepted now can you please go ? " i smiled

" nope " he grinned popping the ' p ' he sat on the floor in silence for a moment  before i broke the silence.


" were you annoyed that Niall put his number into my phone? " i pondered

" yeah it's just that... " he said before cutting himself off and shaking his head.

" ' just that ' what Harry you can tell me " i said gently 

" i.. i.. i like you Emily, alot " he whispered as i blushed.

he came closer to the bath so we were facing each other. " i like you too Harry " i smiled as he grinned and we leaned over and kissed each others soft lips. it was only for a short while as there was a knock at the door,


" yes ? " i said

" i need the toilet and  all the other ones are broken " i heard Niall frown.

me and Harry looked at each other before bursting out with laughter. Harry slid out the door while i got out to get dressed, i stepped out of the door a few moments later to see Niall red in the face with his legs crossed. i giggled as he rushed past me and slammed the door behind him.

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