Forever is a awful long time as you know that. When 16 year old Emily goes to a bar late at night with her friend Jessie to get over her ex- boyfriend Chris, she finds herself talking to this strange boy who seems to want to get to know her more then shes comfortable with.


5. all a lie

Emily's P.O.V


i must have fallen asleep, as i woke up in bed to hear Niall and Harry arguing over me.

" you should tell her why you really like her " snorted Niall

" she already knows " Harry retorted

" oh right, you told her you love her " Niall commented

" whats that supposed to mean " Harry snarled

" oh come off it Harry, i know why shes really here, your using her as one of your toys to break and replace again and again. Shes just a game to you Harry and you know it " Niall growled i gasped as there was a long silence between Harry and Niall.


" you tell her and i swear to god Irish i will beat you scenseless " Harry threatened

i heard footsteps towards the door and then the door opened with Harry on the other side of it i looked at him hurt and couldn't help but let the tears roll down my cheeks. He looked at me and then realized i heard everything the two boys had said about me and why Harry really liked me.


He came over to me and tried to hold my hand but i pulled it away " d..d.. don't touch me " i whimpered

Harry looked at the floor hurt " Emily I... well... "

I sniffed " Don't bother "

" But - " he pleaded

" Just go Harry " i mumbled turning to face the opposite way to him, i felt him stand up and i listened to each footstep as he headed towards the door.

Once i heard the latch i couldn't help myself i burst into floods and slammed my face into the pillow, I cant believe Iv'e just been a toy to someone, Again. 


Niall's P.O.V


I aimed my fist at the dry wall, leaving a hole. I growled how could Harry play her, shes so pretty and kind and cute and he just.

 Grr.    How could he!  I stormed past her room when i heard muffled sobs. I slowly opened the door to have a pillow thrown at me.

" Ahh! " i joked and ducked out of the way of another pillow

" Go away " she cryed

" Emily it's only me " i gently said  but she only burst out crying even more.

I went to comfort her and she just collapsed into my arms, my shirt was getting wet from all the tears but i didn't care.

" Is it true " She wept

" Is what true hun? " I pondered

" A..about me and Harry " he asked looking up to face me. 

I sighed and started to explain " He only wants girls, to play with their hearts and to use them as a toy, and ..  I don't want that to happen to you Emily "

" Why not? " she asked staring up at me with big sapphire eyes 

" B.. Because i .. you Emily " I stuttered as she looked at me shocked.


Oh god what did i just do?

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