The Makeover

Darcy's your typical popular girl. She's part of the drama club and she's the most known girl in school. She likes to party and have a good time with her friends. Marcel on the other hand your typical geek. He's part of the science and math club and he's the most bullied kid in school. He likes to stay at home where no one can hurt him.

What happens when Darcy gets paired up with Marcel on a school project and later gets dared to give him a makeover? Will Marcel break from his shell or will he never change?



Harry's POV

I watched as Darcy walked out of my house with Zayn chasing after her. That should be me chasing after her. That should be me, right? Because I love her. I do, but how can I face her now? Right after she confronted me about my cutting? I just couldn't do that. I couldn't move from where I was standing. I felt so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I shouldn't have cut in the first place.


"Harry we're all going up to the hospital to see Darcy. Do you wanna come?" Niall spoke softly from my door. He stood there with his hands deep in his jean pockets, a sad look on his face.

I was currently laying on my bed looking up at my ceiling trying to count all the little popcorns. I've been at it for god knows how long but it kept my mind busy and honestly, that's all I want right now with what's going on.

I sat up and looked at Niall briefly. He raised a brow waiting for my response and I was ready to say yes when my mind went back to my last visit at the hospital.

"You. I can't remember you Harry."

Your name, your face, everything. I'm sorry."

I shook my head as tears started to prick at the corners of my eyes. Just thinking about Darcy made my stomach fall. Thinking about her not remembering was even worse.

"I don't feel like it Niall. Tell her I love her though." I looked away from Niall's bright eyes as I spoke the last bit quietly to myself.

"Of course Harry. See ya later."

Niall closed the door behind himself leaving alone once again with my hyperactive mind. Darcy was on it 24/7. The pain is unbearable, but there's nothing I can do.

I pulled my body out of my bed and walked into my connected washroom. I used the toilet and as I was washing my hands I noticed my razor sitting on the counter top. I reached for it and hesitated. What if anyone came in? What if Darcy found out? Would she ever forgive me?

I shook my head to rid the thoughts away. I needed this. Nothing would change and Darcy would never remember me. I needed this.

I took a deep breath before pressing the razor against my skin. I let my eyes shut for a second contemplating if this was the right decision.

She doesn't even remember you Harry. She doesn't remember her best friend. The only guy that truly loved her. The guy who loves her and adores her. She doesn't even remember Marcel.

With a few tears falling from my eyes, I finally made a decision and glided the blade across my wrist. It was a stinging pain at first but after a while it made me feel better, numb inside.

I wiped the blood away and wrapped my wrist in a bandage. This was my little secret and hopefully no one would find out.

I felt great at first but after doing for a little over a week without anyone finding out Zayn walked in one day. He flipped out on me. He told me it was wrong but I didn't listen to him. I didn't want too.

He promised me that he would stay quiet about this and I knew that I could trust him. He was one of my best friends.

"Harry, what's going on? Where's Zayn and Darcy?" The rest of the boys stood in the doorway with shocked expressions on their faces.

"Didn't you hear? Darcy hates me! I messed up again and you know what? She's never gonna forgive me, ever."

I pushed past them and left my house. I needed to get out of here and anywhere was better than there.

Zayn's POV

I ran down the street in the direction I saw Darcy run in.

"Darcy!" I called out in frustration. Suddenly I heard soft sobs coming from an alleyway so I turned the corner.

I pecked my head in to see Darcy crouched on the floor, her hands covering her face as she cried. It broke my heart to see her like that. It hurt even more because I could never fix it.

"Darcy," I spoke quietly as I took a seat beside her. "Wanna talk about it?"

She shook her head no. I let out a sigh and was about to give up when she turned to me. Her brown eyes were red and tired but she still looked beautiful to me.

"All I want right now is a hug." She whispered softly. I pulled her small body against mine and wrapped my arms around he waist. Her head rested on my shoulder and mine in the crook of her neck. I could still feel her trembling against my body making me feel even worse. I was taking advantage of the moment. Darcy was a mess right now and I was supposed to be here to be her friend and comfort her. Why was I getting so much happiness from this? This was wrong and if I wanted Darcy to like me for me I'd have to get her to like me when she isn't heartbroken or hurt.

"Come on, lets get out of here. I'll get you something to eat."

Darcy's POV

I sat in a local diner with Zayn. I had ordered some waffles but I didn't dare touch them. All I could think about was Harry's wrist. All the blood and pain that I caused. He hurt because of me. I was the only one to blame.

"Darcy, you gotta eat something." Zayn looked at me in concern. He was the only one who knew about my eating disorder. I couldn't tell anyone else, especially Harry.

"I know. I'll try but I'm not feeling that well." I lied.

Zayn nodded his head and reached for my hand on the the table. His hand felt nice against mine. I was warm and comforting; just what I needed.

"Why would he hurt himself like that? Why didn't he talk to me?" I whispered. I looked out onto the busy streets wondering how I'd gotten into this mess in the first place. Oh right, i forgot about my own boyfriend and messed everything up.

"He was scared that it would hurt you even more than you already were. He didn't want you to be mad Darcy."

I rolled my eyes. "Well that didn't work out for him."

I felt Zayn's hand squeeze mine making me look at him in his eyes. "Of course it didn't. Just don't give up on him. He needs you."

"Okay, can we leave now? I just want to sleep." Zayn nodded his and we left the diner and walked back to my house.

"If you need anything, call me. And talk to Harry. You can't stop talking to each other forever."

"Alright. Thanks Zayn." I pulled him into my arms and gave him a squeeze.

"Okay, see you later."

Zayn started to walk but I pulled him back. "Can you stay?" I asked.

A small smile appeared on Zayn's face before he nodded his head. "Whatever you want."


hey sorry for the long wait, I had no clue what to write but here it is.

I think the story is gonna end in like 2-3 more chapters so do you think there should be a sequel or not? VOTE PLSS


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