The Makeover

Darcy's your typical popular girl. She's part of the drama club and she's the most known girl in school. She likes to party and have a good time with her friends. Marcel on the other hand your typical geek. He's part of the science and math club and he's the most bullied kid in school. He likes to stay at home where no one can hurt him.

What happens when Darcy gets paired up with Marcel on a school project and later gets dared to give him a makeover? Will Marcel break from his shell or will he never change?


7. VI

*Read Authors note*

*bold italics is a flashback within a flashback*

Marcel's POV 

I tried to roll on my side but felt something pressed up against my stomach. It was warm and soft and I oddly didn't want to let it go. 

I looked down to see a mass of curly brown locks that obviously didn't belong to me. 

Then I saw her face. Her nose was crunched up and I thought it was really cute. 

My mind drifted back to a memory I had of us together. 

I finally had finished building my amazing sand castle in one of the local park sand boxes. I usually played alone since I thought playing with others was just nerve racking. 

"Wow! That's really amazing." I turned to see a girl who looked around my age with curly dark brown hair. She was staring at me as she spoke about the castle. 

"Thanks! I'm Harry by the way." The little girl took a seat beside me a smile on her face. 

"I'm Darcy. You're every good at making castles. Does it smell good?" She asked. 

I furrowed my eyebrows. "I'm not sure. Lets smell it together!" 

We both leaned into the castle and took a whiff and Darcy immediately pulled away. 

"You didn't tell me it smelled gross!" She spoke, her small nose all scrunched up.  

I couldn't help but laugh. "I didn't know." I gave her a shrug. 

"Well, next time warn me before, okay?" She giggle before turning to play with the sand around her. 

I let out a sigh, the memory felt like it was yesterday. But it wasn't. We weren't five anymore. We were different people. 

I looked down at Darcy to she was slurring in her sleep. Soon she would be awake to see what I really look like. 

Without moving to much, I managed to grab my glasses. I gently laid her head on the pillows and freed my arms from her waist and hers from mine. 

I hadn't noticed that I was holding my breath in but when I stood in my connected washroom, I finally let it out. I turned back to Darcy to see the peaceful look on her face. She turned her body away from me and I let out a sigh. 

Why was I feeling like this again? I hated the feeling and I didn't want to do this over again. 

Darcy's POV

I rolled onto my side thinking that Marcel was still there. Then I heard water running so I just assumed he was taking a shower. 

He was being so nice to me. He was the only person I could rely on right now. But soon I'll be breaking that trust I have with him. Why did I agree to what Marley said. 

I let my head fall back on the pillow my mind drifting back to the events of the party. 

I took a deep breath before stepping into Marley's house where her party was already in full swing. People were dancing and drinking and mainly just having a good time. 

I scanned around the room until my eyes landed on them. It was Marley, Jackson, Abby and her boyfriend Jeremy. Even though Marley was all over Jackson it wasn't hard for him to notice me. 

His eyes widened and then he whispered something in Marley's ear. Then she locked eyes with me. I wasn't sure if she was smiling at me or if she was smirking. Either way, they both weren't pretty. 

I let out a heavy sigh, feeling like I already regretted coming here. I looked around at the couples dancing feeling a bit lonely. Everyone had someone except for me. 

"Darcy." I heard someone call. I turned to see Marley and Jackson hooked at the arms walking towards me. 

"Hey guys." I spoke as I scratched my arm. They both gave me a smile which I returned with a fake one. 

"Why don't you hang out with the rest of us. Will be starting a truth or date game soon. It'll be fun." 

I nodded my head as Marley grabbed my hand. She started dragging me to where her friends were sitting in a circle. 

"Okay, lets play!" She smiled. I hadn't noticed Jackson had sat between Marley and I. He looked at me but I quickly turned away. 

"Darc.." He trailed off. I shook my head. "Don't call me that." I muttered harshly. 

Jackson put his hands up in defeat. "Just can we talk about this. You did break up with me."

I rolled my eyes. "I did. And I don't care anymore."

"Darcy, you don't mean that–" Jackson was cut off by Marley. 

"Okay. Who wants to go first?" Marley asked. 

Abby went first and dared her boyfriend to find one of the jocks and squeeze his ass and run away after. While Jeremy left to do his dare, others asked a dare. When Jeremy came back, he asked someone to do a truth. 

"Okay! Darcy, truth or dare?" Marley looked at me an eyebrow raised. 

I hesitated at first. "Truth." I fiddled with my fingers as I waited for whatever she was gonna ask me. 

"What's your deepest darkest secret?" 

I furrowed my eyebrows. Did I actually have one? I wasn't sure. 

"I don't have one." I spoke truthfully. 

Marley rolled her eyes, "Fine, lets play seven minutes in heaven. You can go in that closet and I'll find a lucky boy for you." Marley didn't even give me time to protest when she stood up and dragged me to the closet. 

With a quick shove, I was in the dark closet with the door locked behind me. 

I let a groan escape my lips. This wasn't the first time she's shoved me in the closet. 

I took a seat on the floor already knowing that I'd be in here for a while. I waited a couple minutes until the door opened again with someone getting thrown into the room. 

All I saw was dark blue converse. And there's only one guy that wears them. 

"Jackson?" I watched as he pulled his phone out of his pocket to brighten up the room. 

"Hey." He spoke. 

"What're you doing in here?" I whisper screamed. Even though I knew Marley put him up to this, I was still mad. 

"Seven minutes in heaven?" He asked. 

I rolled my eyes. "If you think you're getting anything from me you're so–" Jackson cut me off. 

"I was just kidding Darc. It was just a joke. Anyways this gives us an opportunity to talk." 

I let out a sigh. "Jackson–"

"Let me finish please." I looked into his begging eyes. 


"Thanks. Anyways," he spoke as he took a seat next to me, "Dating you had to be the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't think you'll understand how important you are to me."

Again, I rolled my eyes. "How do I know you're are not lying? You've done it before." 

Jackson nodded. "I know, but the difference was I had you. Even though you were mine, I still lied to you. You never broke up with me before so what do I have to lose by telling the truth? I've already lost you."

He stared back at me with his intense blue eyes. "Marley is merely a coverup. I don't want her and she doesn't want me. I miss you Darc..." 

Was he really telling the truth? I felt his hand wrap around mine and squeeze it gently. 

"You remember the first time we kissed right?" He asked.  

I nodded my head. It was just like any other day. I dropped my books off at my house and raced back to my best friends house. 

"Jackson!" I called. I walked through the open garage looking around for any sign of him. 

"Boo!" I jumped so high when Jackson came out of nowhere and scared me. 

"Jackson? What the hell was that?" I screamed. Jackson laughed as he dragged me to his dads car. 

"Darc, you're such a baby! Live a little." I crossed my arms as he pinned me between the car and himself. 

"Well, I can't live at all if you scare me half to death." A smile played on my lips as I shoved his shoulder away. 

"Alright, I'm sorry, now what do you wanna do?" He asked as his piercing blue eyes stared at me. I always loved looking into them. Is it weird to say that I love my best friends eyes? 

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not sure. Have you found the nerve to talk to that girl you haven't told me  her name yet?" 

Jackson looked away for a split second and I swear when he looked back at me his eyes had turned into a midnight blue. 

Before I could speak, Jackson's hands were on my hips. It felt oddly good coming from my best friend, but at the moment I didn't care. 

His strong arms lifted my weight onto the hood of the car, a small yelp escaping my lips. 

"J-Jackson?" I stuttered out. His eyes never left mine making me feel safe. I felt his hands play with the hem of my tank top, his rough fingers from playing football occasionally brushing against my skin. 

Jackson and I were best friends. He's teased me many times like slapping my butt or tickling me to the point where he's straddling my waist. But we've never kissed or have gotten this close. I've only imagined kissing Jackson would ruin our amazing friendship. One that I wouldn't be scared to tell him all my feelings and he could do the same. If we get any closer, if we cross the line, this friendship will no longer exist. 

I cleared my throat my eyes never leaving his. "Jackson, you're blurring the lines between friendship and relationship." I whispered. 

Jackson leaned dangerously closer to me, with my legs spread apart and him standing between them. I could feel his hard chest against my stomach only making it hurt even more. 

"I don't care about the line. I want you Darc, not as my friend but my girlfriend." 

Jackson pulled his hands away from my waist making me slip closer to him. I had no time to think when I felt his soft lips pressed against mine. His lips were perfect. They kissed me with so much passion that it made me dizzy.

Again, his hands went to my waist and they fell to my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with his straight blond hair.  

I could feel his tongue invade my mouth making me instantly moan. 

I pulled away breathing heavily. 

"Darcy, will you be my girlfriend?" I looked back into Jackson's eyes. He looked so vulnerable which I've never seen before on him. 

"I'll do anything, just please say yes." He begged. 

I cupped his face with my hands. "Jackson," I started. "I'd love to he your girlfriend." I gave his lips a quick peck before smiling. 

"Maybe I should've never kissed you that day." He whispered softly. He was looked down at the ground looking quite ashamed. 

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why would you say that?" 

"I know our relationship wasn't good. I knew you weren't happy with me either. Maybe if I hadn't stepped over the line that day, we'd still be best friends." 

I shook my head. "True, but I had some great times with you that I'll never forget or trade for the world."

Jackson looked up at me with that same sad face. "You hate me, right?" He paused for a second to think. "I'm starting to hate myself."

"Jackson, I don't hate you..." I trailed off. 

"Did you love me at all? Even though I hurt you." 

His question caught me off guard. Did I ever love Jackson? 

"Jackson, I-I don't know what to say." I noticed our hands still connected. 

"Well, I loved you if that even makes a difference. I might've acted stupid and acted like I didn't care, but I did. I really love you Darc."

I shut my eyes tight already feeling them start to water. 

"Why didn't you ever tell me? We could've fixed this!" I exclaimed pointing between us. 

"Because I thought you didn't care. It was different when we started dating in high school. We only cared about being popular and looking good. But I do want to fix this. Only if you let me."

I shook my head. "I don't know. I'm scared Jackson. I want to trust you again but it's hard."

"Then lets go slow. Lets rebuild that trust again." Jackson's eyes then turned dark blue. 

"I want you to trust me again Darcy." I felt his breath hit the back of my neck making shivers run down my spine. 

I turned to him our eyes staring deep into one another. 

I felt Jackson's lips press against mine in a sweet kiss. I let him kiss me again. I needed someone to be mine again. 


OMG this story is getting pretty good. I'm really excited about it too. Unfortunately school is starting on Tuesday. I might be able to update tomorrow but I wrote an extra longer chapter if I can't. Hopefully I'll get an update sometime over the week.  
Anyways, what do you think? Do you think Darcy should go back to Jackson? And how cute was Darcel/Marcy? 

Feedback/Likes/Favs/Comments would be awesome. At least 5 comments for the next chapter? :)

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