The Makeover

Darcy's your typical popular girl. She's part of the drama club and she's the most known girl in school. She likes to party and have a good time with her friends. Marcel on the other hand your typical geek. He's part of the science and math club and he's the most bullied kid in school. He likes to stay at home where no one can hurt him.

What happens when Darcy gets paired up with Marcel on a school project and later gets dared to give him a makeover? Will Marcel break from his shell or will he never change?


3. II

Darcy's POV 

I had just got out of my after school drama class. We were practicing for the upcoming play, which I had the lead role in. It was pretty exciting. I've never had a lead in any of the plays since Marley usually got them. But this year was gonna be different. 

"Hey Darcy." I turned from my locker to see none other then Marley. She gave me one of her fake smiles so I gave her one right back. 

"Marley." I turned back to my locker finding my lip gloss. 

"Well, I just wanted to invite you to my party this Saturday. Hope you can come." 

A party, huh. This will be the perfect time to embarrass Marley in front of her friends. 

"Sounds fun!" I smiled as I watched her walk away. When she was finally gone, I did a fake gag. 

I skipped out of the school happily. I don't remember why I was so happy. Maybe it was because the sun was shining. Or that I was the lead in the schools play. 

I got in my car and started to drive home. As I drove I heard someone singing to their self. I looked around as I drove for the amazing voice but I couldn't find it anywhere. 

I haven't ever heard someone with a voice like that. It couldn't be a girls voice so it had to be a guys. It was deep and raspy and it also reminded me of someone. 

I parked my car in my driveway before slamming the door shut. 

"I'm home." I sung. My little brother came running from the direction of the kitchen with a smile on his face. 

"Darcy! Guess what we did today?" Drew jumped into my arms and gave me a tight hug. I carried him to the to the kitchen as we continued our conversation about his day. 

"Hey dad." I took a seat on one of the bar stools. He gave me a hug. 

"How was your day sweetie?" 

I told my dad about practice and the party I was invited to. He told me that I could go as long as I brought Drew to daycare tomorrow. 

Eventually, I got bored of sitting in the kitchen, so I went up to my room. I pulled my phone out of my bag. Scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a status from Marley. 

Can't wait from my party this Saturday! It's gonna be even better with cutie Jackson on my arm!

This is unbelievable! How can he already be dating her? I already knew this was gonna happen. He would always check her out when we were dating. Even if he was all over me, he was still looking at her. 

Was this supposed to hurt? I wasn't sure. I'm mad, that's for sure. But was I jealous or upset? I wasn't sure. I was having mixed feelings. 

With a groan, I got out of Facebook and went straight to my tumblr. No ones really knows I have a blog. I just vent on it about my life and such. It's also a great place to show off your style if you have one. 

I reposted something's from an episode of Teen Wolf that I thought was funny when I suddenly felt really bored. Again. 

My mind went back to the events that happened today. I didn't want to think of Jackson, so I skipped that part and went straight to science class. He was so interesting. I couldn't help but stare at his green eyes masked with his glasses. He looked so familiar but I honestly couldn't remember. 

Marcel's POV 

I ran my fingers through my curly hair as I tried to solve a difficult algebra problem. It was only difficult because I was in a harder level of math. The rest of my classes were at the same grade level as everyone else. 

I let out a sigh when I finally gave up. I needed to go on a walk since that usually released my stress from school work and such. 

I slipped on my fleece sweat pants and decided to keep my hair in its natural state instead of gelling it back. I grabbed my coat and was out the door. 

I walked down the streets of my neighborhood keeping my head down. I didn't want to attract to much attention. 

I continued to walk when I heard two voices. One from a little boy and one that sounded awfully familiar. 

"Lets go to the park Darc!" The little boy cheered out. I watched them walking a couple feet in front of me. 

Darc? As in Darcy? I wonder if she's noticed me. I shoved my hands in my pocket, the thought exploding in my mind. Has she ever noticed me? It's honestly been a while since we've talked. I doubt she remembers me either. 

I eventually made it to the park. I saw Darcy playing with her little brother on the swing set so I took a seat on the bench. 

She hasn't changed with the exception of her personality. She used to be so kind and friendly. I don't remember when that left her. Maybe when she started dating that Jackson kid. 

I hadn't noticed someone's foot steps getting closer and closer to the bench. My thoughts blocked all my senses until she spoke. 

"Is this seat taken?" Our eyes locked for the second time today. I couldn't understand why she didn't remember me. I remember her crystal clear. Like we've never stopped being best friends. 

"Uh, no. Go ahead."

I needed to get out of here. I just couldn't sit here anymore. 

"Do we know each other?" She asked. Her head lay in her hands as she stared back at me. 

"I don't think so." I lied. 

She nodded her head. "Oh." 

There was an awkward silence between us until I thought it was best for me to leave. 

"Uh I-I gotta go." I quickly got out of the bench onto my feet. 

"Well, it was nice meeting you. My names Darcy by the way." She gave me a smile. I looked down at my feet as I shoved my hands in my pockets. 

"I know. See you around."

Darcy's POV 

I furrowed my eyebrows as I watched the curly haired boy give me a smirk before he turned around and left the park. I wanted to call him back but I had no idea what his name was even though he looked very familiar. 

I let a huff out feeling disappointed. I wonder how he knew my name. I don't think I've met him before. But why does he look so familiar?

"Darcy, I'm hungry!" I turned to see my little brother running over to me. He jumped into my arms and rested his little head in the crook of my neck. 

"You tired?" I asked. He nodded his head so I started to walk us back home.

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