The Makeover

Darcy's your typical popular girl. She's part of the drama club and she's the most known girl in school. She likes to party and have a good time with her friends. Marcel on the other hand your typical geek. He's part of the science and math club and he's the most bullied kid in school. He likes to stay at home where no one can hurt him.

What happens when Darcy gets paired up with Marcel on a school project and later gets dared to give him a makeover? Will Marcel break from his shell or will he never change?


2. I

Marcel's POV 

"Okay mum, just drop me off here please." I gathered all my belongings, my backpack, textbooks and notebooks as my mum parked her car. 

"Oh Harry, why won't you just let me drop you off were all the kids get dropped off?" 

I shook my head. "It's complicated mum. But thanks for the ride. Love you and see you for dinner." I let my mum give me a kiss on my forehead like usual before exiting. 

"See you later sweetie." 

I watched as my mum drove off. I gave her a little wave before pushing my thick glasses up the bridge of my nose. Today was going to be a long day. I could just feel it. 

Darcy's POV 

"Did you see what Jackson did last night? He was all over her!" My best friend Abby squealed. I just rolled my eyes at the latest gossip that was going on and as usual, it had something to do with my boyfriend. 

"Whatever. He'll be crawling back to me in a second. That boy still doesn't know right from wrong."

Abby giggled as she linked her arm with mine. "It's cause he's in love. Do you love him Darcy?"

Abby caught me off guard for a second. Was I in love with Jackson? I don't think so. He was hot but that was just his looks. He wasn't smart and he wasn't very nice. All he wanted was sex but I never gave it to him. So why are we still together...

I hadn't noticed Abby pulling us through the masses of people that were circulating around a fight. I couldn't see who was fighting so I pushed past a couple people until I reached the fighters. 

My eyes widened when I saw Jackson on top off a scrawny nerd. The crowd was shouting and screaming for Jackson to continue. But I knew this was wrong. The kid wasn't even fighting back. 

"Jackson stop." I finally made it past everyone and pulled Jackson off the geek. "Hey what're you–Darcy?"

I looked towards the kid and gave him a nod. "Go." I helped him up and pushed him in the direction to get out of here. 

I watched as he pushed past the crowd. His head was down in shame and I knew he was embarrassed. 

"Darcy you gotta stop doing that." I turned around to Jackson. He was mad but I couldn't care less.

"Whatever. You can't tell me what to do." I tried to push myself past him but he grabbed my wrist. 

"What are you trying to say?" His nose flared a bit making me want to gag. I pulled my wrist away from his tight grip and pushed him off of me. 

"We're done. I'm breaking up with you."

Marcel's POV 

After I was dropped off at the corner, it only took me about five minutes to get to school. I walked as fast as I could so I wouldn't be spotted but that was an epic fail. 

Once I had reached the school building, a group of jocks had noticed me and started to make there way over to me.  

"Look what we have here boys. It's Marcel. Our homework boy. So where's my paper nerd." My eyes locked with Jackson as he gave me a smirk. 

"I-I don't have it." I started fidgeting with my fingers. He was making me nervous and I already knew what was about to happen. 

"Do you remember what happens when you don't bring me my homework on time?" Jackson's voice rose. He stepped closer to me making me take a step back. 

"I-I get a punishment." I was now up against the lockers with Jackson's face close to my ear. 


I wanted to roll my eyes. I wanted to tell him off. I wanted to punch him in the gut for every thing he's done to me. I hate him. 

"You know what. Why don't you do your homework yourself?" I didn't know where that spark of confidence came from. It shocked me and everyone around us including Jackson.

I didn't even have any time to think of plan b when Jackson threw me to the ground. He started punching and kicking me. But I was used to it. 

A large crowd started to form and I honestly didn't know when the abuse would end. But I felt someone pull Jackson off my body so I could get up. 

"Hey what're you– Darcy?" Jackson spoke confused as hell. I noticed it was Jackson girlfriend who had stopped the fight. 

She turned to me and whispered. "Go." So I grabbed my stuff and ran off in a different direction. 

 That was weird. She never defended me like that before. Well I hope she doesn't get in trouble for it. 

I went to the washrooms and cleaned myself up. I already knew I was going to be late for my first class but you can't really say it's my fault. 

After I was finished I quickly ran down the quiet hallways. I made sure that no one saw me but I honestly was starting to not care anymore. 

I had finally made it to class. Luckily students were walking in so I followed the group in front of me. 

"Mr. Styles? I've never seen you late before." My head snapped up to see the science teacher, Mr. Jones. He gave me a sympathetic look already understanding my tardiness. 

"Sorry sir. Won't happen again." And it was true. Science was my favorite subject other then maths. I understood it so well that it wasn't considered 'hard' for me like most students my age. It was actually quite fun. 

"Take a seat, Marcel." I nodded my head as I proceed to the first empty seat I saw. I hadn't even paid enough attention to who was sitting beside me until I heard someone clear their throat.

"Are you alright?" I stared blanking at the girl who pulled Jackson off of me before he almost committed murder. 

I continued to stare because I was very confused as to why she was talking to me. She was popular. I wasn't. We were practically from different planets. 

"Marcel, right?" Her hushed voice broke my train of thought. I slowly nodded my head which made her laugh. Why was she laughing? I didn't even say anything. 

"Well, I'm sorry Jackson's been giving you a hard time."

She was apologizing for Jackson's behavior. Wow, this is a first. 

"Uh, thanks I guess." 

I looked back at my notebook trying to figure out what just happened. I didn't know her very well. I've also never talked to her before. I try to avoid people that don't like me. 

But it didn't feel like she hated me. It kind of felt like she liked me. She was smiling wide and it seemed like she cared. Weird. 

Class went on like usual. And by usual, I mean everyone was working quietly and she didn't even bother me once. 

"Marcel?" I looked from the corner of my eye to make sure no one was watching. Luckily everyone was quite busy. 

"Uh, yes?" 

She gave me one of her smiles again before speaking. 

"I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner for the project Mr. Jones is about to assign us." I turned my head to the board to see Mr. Jones was writing out criteria for our next lab. 

"Uh, are you sure you want to be partnered with me? I don't mind working alone anyways." I shrugged my shoulders acting like it wasn't a big deal. 

"Oh, okay." He large smile slowly disappeared into a pout. 

I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. 

"Okay, I'll work with you." I quickly spoke. She smiled wide before giving me a hug. 

I gave her a playful glare. "Sorry, I'm a hugger."


School was over so I decided that I was gonna walk home instead of calling my mother from work. It wasn't that far anyways. 

It was unusually quiet, but I didn't mind. As I walked home, I hummed to myself. After a while, I started to sing quietly to myself. I didn't want anyone to hear me since it was something I did in my spare time. 

I pulled my house key out of my pocket and opened the door. I was extremely happy that today was over. It was all to weird for me. Jackson beating on me was normal, but that Darcy girl stopping the fight was just plain odd. She's never talked to me before and now she wants to do the science assignment with me? I just don't understand. 

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