The Hidden Rose

Once upon a time there lived a supposedly ugly and fat girl named Rhianna....
This is my real story, about how I overcome bullies countless times and eventually gained self belief.

All names have been changed for privacy reasons, the only name that remains the same is my own, Rhianna.

Entry for the self belief story competition.


3. Year 5 part 2 - My first boyfriend.

  So, year 5 was bad, but it was sort of ok at the same time. I got my first boyfriend in this year.

  I was part of the choir at school and so was Taylor. I was just chatting to my friend Georgia when Taylor asked to speak to Georgia in private. She came back smiling like hell, and she told me Taylor wanted to go out with me. Taylor was from Pakistan, and he had a small accent. I didn't like him like him, but Georgia told me I only had to go out with him for a week, and she begged me like there was no tomorrow. I gave in and agreed, then after 1 or 2 days I forgot we were going out and instead of lasting 1 week, we lasted 3 weeks before I remembered we were dating and conciquentily broke up with him.

   We dated on and off for about a week, then I found out he was cheating on me with 10 other girls, 6 from Pakistan, 1 from his street, and even 3 of my friends, including Georgia. Georgia told me that she didn't know he was dating me, so I forgave her. 

   From then on, I felt worthless. And it only got... You will see.

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