The Hidden Rose

Once upon a time there lived a supposedly ugly and fat girl named Rhianna....
This is my real story, about how I overcome bullies countless times and eventually gained self belief.

All names have been changed for privacy reasons, the only name that remains the same is my own, Rhianna.

Entry for the self belief story competition.


2. Year 5 - AKA Hell No.1

  Year 5, the year I hated most.

  It honestly sucked.

  Finn was in my class again, but that's not why I hated year 5. It was because all year 5 students, on every Thursday, were carted off to the local swimming pool for lessons. 

  And I couldn't swim. 

  Me being the only year 5 who struggled, I pretended to swim in the first lesson to be put in a higher class so I wouldn't be picked on as much. I have always been taller than the rest of my class, so when everyone else was swimming to their best ability in the small pool, I was pretending by walking along the ground and mimicking swimming with my arms. It worked, but I wish i hadn't  lied because I nearly drowned in the second lesson because I decided I didn't want to hold my breath under water.

  I got put in the lower class for a lesson, then I was put back.

  I suppose one good thing was I learnt how to swim...

  But if the fact I couldn't swim well wasn't enough, we were all mixed together, girls and boys. So with 30 year 5 girls and boys in one leisure Centre,  not everyone was going to have a fabulous figure. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a hefalump, but compared to the other girls in year 5, most of which looked anorexic, I might as well have been. 

   So all in all, i give year 5 a rating of 1 potato out of 10 due to the fact I got my first boyfriend, but more about him in the next chapter.

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