The Hidden Rose

Once upon a time there lived a supposedly ugly and fat girl named Rhianna....
This is my real story, about how I overcome bullies countless times and eventually gained self belief.

All names have been changed for privacy reasons, the only name that remains the same is my own, Rhianna.

Entry for the self belief story competition.


1. The beggining

So, I figure, a story generally starts with the beginning, so that's how my story is going to start.


In year 4, when I was 9-10, is when it all started. My large circle of friends was starting to break down, and I was starting to gain enemy's more than friends. The first enemy I encountered was Finn. 

Finn was a boy the same age as me, who's family was always going through a lot. The way I remember him starting to bully me was during school, halfway into the school year. He was playing football in the football quad, when me and my friend Cheryl walked through the pitch. While in the middle of the match, I stopped to tie my shoelace. Finn was not happy because I was blocking the goal. He had a fiery temper which was always easy to set off. He picked up the ball, placed it in line with me and fired it towards me, hitting me in the head. 

I have always been a fragile child, so I was knocked over, and I started crying. He started to call me a wuss and then proceeded to tell the dinner lady that I had tripped over my shoelace. She believed him and left with out question, then sent the nurse to come and see if I was ok. Luckily, I was fine and I only had a small bump on the side of my head which healed in a month or so.


From then on, I was always afraid to walk through the football pitch or past Finn. From that moment on, I knew I was going to hate primary school


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