The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


15. Tonight? Today? Like Right Now?!

The warmth surrounds my body as I step inside, the house I now live in starting to feel a little more familiar. I watch as Harry kicks off his shoes and pushes them to the side of the hall with his foot before disappearing into the living room. I then let out an amused sigh as I pick his shoes up and put them onto the shoe rack right beside them, typical Harry. I quickly take off my own putting them next to his and then head into the living room as well.


"Do you want a drink?" I simply ask Harry who is already stretched out on the sofa.


"Yeah sure, grab me a can out the fridge." He says as he reaches for the T.V controller. To be honest, in my own opinion, I think alcohol should be saved for celebrating or nights out, not sitting in front of the television doing jack shit. But, never mind eh if I mention it, it would only cause conflict.


I make my way into the kitchen putting the kettle on and grabbing a cup from the cupboard before getting the milk and Harry's drink from the fridge. Suddenly I find myself in a daze as I wait for the water to boil. I find myself staring into the garden through the misty window and thinking about-


"Babe?" Harry calls from the other room and my mind is awoken again.


"Yes?" I call back as I continue to make my drink.


"Never mind, I found it." He answers. I take the teaspoon, swirling my hot drink around aimlessly before placing it onto the kitchen top and putting the milk back into the fridge. I then pick up mine and Harry's drinks and carry them into the living room being careful not to spill my warm tea.


"Aww thanks babe, just what I needed." He quickly thanks me as he takes the cold drink from my hand and immediately takes a gulp. I then wrap the hand that was holding the cold drink around my warm cup as I sit beside Harry on the sofa. I let out a relaxing sigh as I let my body fall into the cushions I was lent against, taking a sip of the warm liquid in my hands. Just as my focus turns to the T.V the annoying ring of my phone forces me to get back off of the sofa and sprint across the room to my bag. I quickly rummage through my things until I find my phone, in the process realizing how eager I must have seemed to Harry.


"Hello." I say as I turn to face Harry who is still stuck to the T.V, then I begin to walk out of the room and up the stairs.


"Hey Kase, good time with Harry?" Liam speaks on the other end. I nod in reply and then stupidly realize he can't actually see me.


"Yeah. What did you want to talk about?" I quickly change the subject as my curiosity grows about the real reason he was calling. There's silence for a moment.


"Ok, this is going to sound a little weird." Liam pauses and the silence reoccurs.


"Liam." I edge him to continue.


"Well, I want to take you out on a date. A real date. But... I know you have Harry." His disappointed voice paused again as my breath got caught up in my throat. What was he going on about? He can't talk about stuff like this! Doesn't he realize what this does to me? It just makes everything so dam complicated!


"So, as friends, can I take you out somewhere?" Liam continued and the sound of nothingness appeared as the shock prevented me from speaking. A part of me was relieved that he understood I was with Harry but another part of me that just wanted to explode past everything else, wanted to go on a real date with Liam.


"It won't be a date..." His voice broke through the quietness as he tried to persuade me to agree with the ridiculous idea.


"Liam..." I whimpered into the phone and could hear him sigh on the other end.


"No, I don't think it's such a good idea." I spoke again. I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to say yes and it was killing me having to say no. But it just wouldn't end well.


"Ok, well, what if I promise to take you somewhere that isn't fancy or date like at all?" Liam replied with a little hope in his voice. I giggled quietly hoping he wouldn't hear. How could I say no to this? He's practically begging me...and well, I suppose it is just as friends...


"When?" I simply say in the most casual voice that I could pull off.


"I'll pick you up in 5." My mouth fell wide open. Tonight? Today? Like right now?! It's like nine thirty.


"But Liam-"


"It's now or never. You'll talk yourself out of it by the morning if we don't go now." Liam interrupted me and I knew he was right. I had a habit of talking myself out of things and if I'm honest I would probably have talked myself out of the idea during the next hour let alone morning!


"Ok." I replied taking a deep breath in, putting down the phone and rushing off to get ready. It only took a couple minutes to quickly brush through my hair and redo my mascara before I heard a knock at the door. I glanced at the clock. He got here one minute quicker than he said. I giggled at my pickiness before making my way down the stairs. Once I reached the bottom I quickly popped into the living room.


"Harry, I'm going late night present shopping with Liam, he is so not capable of getting you something perfect." I exadurated my comment giggling, leaning over and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before speeding to the front door. There's nothing wrong with a little white lie...right?


"Hi." Liam's smile greets me as I step out into the cold night air.


"Hey." I reply in a stupidly embarrassing girly voice and after a moment realize I'm biting my lip. Snap out of it Kasey!


"I'm not happy with you, you know." I announce at the fact Liam had decided that now was a good time to go out. But, it didn't really bother me to be honest, I just needed to talk about something that would distract my mind from gawping.


"I can live with that." A smirk grows on Liam's face as he gestures to his car parked at the side of the road.




We drove for what seemed to last forever and the drive was quiet, but surprisingly not awkward. I opened the car window a little, letting the cool breeze gently blow against my heated skin. I have no idea why I was feeling so nervous but I was. I took a deep breath trying to relieve some of the nerves as I relaxed my muscles and leant back into the seat.


"Nearly there." Liam broke the silence and quickly glanced over at me with a smile before returning his eyes back to the road. I momentarily get caught up in a gaze, watching him as he drives, but quickly turn to look out of the window when I see him smirk. How the hell did he even know I was looking?!


"Where are we going?" I question keeping my eyes out of the window looking at the reflections of the street lights in the drying puddles.


"A place." Is all he says and I turn to look at him as we pull up on what seems to be a random street in the city?


"Well, that narrows it down to pretty much anywhere." I sarcastically joke and he chuckles in reply. We don't get out of the car straight away but just sit for a few moments and as we do I begin to think. I am so glad he invited me out. If it wasn't for him I'd be stuck inside keeping an eye on how many cans Harry chucks down his throat.


"Thank you Liam." I break the quietness that had arisen and he turns to face me cocking an eye brow up.


"For...?" He speaks and awaits my reply.


"Bringing me out. Beats being stuck inside doing nothing!" I begin to giggle but Liam turns away and a fierce frown appears on his face.


"Fuck." He curses and my eyes widen in surprise.


"It's raining!" I hear the anger and disappointment in his voice as he throws a forceful fist at the steering wheel.


"Hey, calm down, it’s only a bit of water it can't be that bad?" I reply to his action with a concerned voice as I look out at the rain that has begun.


"I was going to take you up there." Liam points up at a tall flat roofed building with steps going all the way up the outside of it. Leaning forward so I can get a better view of the place he pointed at, a smile appears on my face.


"Well then. We best get a move on before the rain gets heavier." I chirpily say as I fling open the car door and hop out into the wet weather. Liam doesn't get out straight away just stays seated staring at me through the windscreen.


"I'm I gunna have to go up on my own then?" I shout towards the car wondering if he can even hear me. But, before I know it he's dragging himself out of the car with an adorable smirk on his face and his jacket over his head. He then jogs over to where I'm standing holding his jacket over the both of us creating our own little shelter.


A/N- Hey guys sorry it took so long to upload this chapter, I was giving myself a little break. Let me know what you think and what you think may happen next? :) Love you all, thank you for your support. N xx

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