The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


18. On Top Of The World.

I hesitated, my eyes still shut I could feel the cool air filling my lungs with every breath I breathed. The cold raindrops drawing wet paths onto my skin. I could hear the sounds of the traffic rushing below and feel Liam’s warm breath tickle my neck as I stood nervously. I cautiously opened my eyes unaware of what to expect, the great depth of the darkness finally flickering away. As all was revealed I was shocked by what was in front of me. A part of me was dreading this moment because I thought he would have some cheesy rooftop picnic laid out. But he didn’t. I was amazed by what I saw.


"Wow, it's so..." I broke the quietness, mesmerised by the sight in front of me.


"Beautiful." Liam spoke finishing my sentence and a pleased smile grew on my face. A sea of light's covered my view as I gazed out at the luminous cityscape. The glow of lights blurred through the rain that was plunging down, making the city look like a water painting. I had never seen anything so amazing in my life. Who could have thought that from above, the once dull, grey and polluted city could look so perfect? 


I turned to face the tall guy behind me, drenched from the rain, and without hesitating threw my arms around his neck clinging to him tightly. Liam momentarily froze, obviously shocked by my action, but soon enough wrapped his arms strongly around my waist in return.


"Thank you." I whispered as I continued to hold my arms around him. A small laugh escaped Liam's body before he replied.


"No need to thank me. All I did was bring you to a roof." I smiled.


"But you don't made me see so much more than just this dirty rooftop." Then Liam smiled too. That's when it got weird again. At that moment we were the only two people in that city and we were on top of the world. He took a step forward and I hesitantly took one step away trying to avoid the awkward situation that was arising. Liam then took another step forward, now only inches away from me. The small of my back was firmly against the wall and I watched as his hand raised, his thumb gently wiping away a rain drop from my cheek. Then my nerves got the best of me as our eyes locked. Butterflies arose in my stomach but I didn't want them too. I'm with Harry, I'm with Harry. I mentally told myself trying to hold back any urges that were trying to fight free. But then I felt his hand on my side as he moved himself closer, our bodies now touching and his large hand supporting both my head and neck. I waited as he leaned in, my breathing now becoming uneven as his face grew closer to mine. A part of me was hoping that he would stop, but he didn't. He continued leaning toward me his eyes fixed to mine. But then he paused, and relief swept over me. Our lips were now only millimetres a part, one slight movement and they would be touching. My breath was hitched in my throat as he didn't move away. Just stayed in the same position. My heart beating faster than ever. Then he moved. Only slightly. Enough just to feel his gentle touch, but not enough to call it a kiss. My mind was mentally saying that I will pull away in a minute, just after one more moment. But I didn't move. Liam had me caught up in some sort of trance. He then began to move his lips a little. Not closer, but not further away either, just softly touching mine. The rain still fell as we became oblivious to the world around us and the only things I could hear were both our heartbeats as our eyes stayed fixed. The tension grew in my body as we stood there. Well, that was until his lips made full contact with mine. He began to kiss me. I was shocked; I didn’t think he would actually kiss me… Once again my breathing hitched in my throat and it took me a little while to register what was actually happening. There was a battle taking place in my mind, trying to decide whether to kiss him back or not. But soon enough both our lips were moving in sweet harmony. This kiss was soft, slow, romantic. Perfect some may say. But then I giggled, ending that little romantic moment.


"What's up?" Liam stopped and questioned me confused. I continued to giggle before replying.


"This is the first time I've ever kissed someone in the rain." I then found myself biting my lip as I waited for Liam to reply. But he didn't. He only stood there staring. Then glanced at my mouth and then straight into my eyes, no emotion showing what so ever. Until I began to gaze straight into his eyes too, there was a look of hunger in them as his breathing slowed and deepened. The only time our eyes lost contact was when I went to blink and before I even managed to reopen my eyes Liam had forcefully pushed me against the wall, his lips smashing to mine and leaving me breathless. I was so shocked I couldn't think straight. He continued to kiss me and I kissed back, allowing his tongue access to roam my mouth as my hand found itself gripping at his hair. The kiss grew more heated and forceful by the second and soon enough I could feel the warmth of Liam's hand beneath my shirt. My mind told me to stop him but I just couldn't. So, it travelled further up my side his soft touch making my skin tingle. His lips left mine moving down to my neck as he left small kisses on my skin before pulling away. I was shocked that he stopped during the most intimate time we had, had together. We both knew that by morning everything would be back to normal and I would wake up next to Harry. I would deny my feelings for him and pretend this never happened. 


"What's wrong?" I questioned Liam simply, placing one of my hands on his chest as I looked up at him. Once again he didn't reply straight away, but rested his chin on the top of my head as he held me close. However, then the tall guy leaned himself in towards my ear, his warm breath brushing against the side of my skin and then whispered,


"I want you."


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