The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


14. October Chit Chat.

It's funny how small chit chat can sometimes be the best kind. Talking about nothing, but talking about everything. Maybe it's just me, but whatever it was, it was great.


Harry and I finished up our ice cream and just spent the rest of the time talking to each other. We spoke about pretty much anything you can think of. Then before we knew it, two hours had passed. Harry stood holding out his hand for me and of course, I took it gladly. His warm grip sent shivers across my body as a smile appeared on both our faces. We began to head for the exit Harry holding open the door for me as I left the building and he followed. But then as I walked out onto the street I felt something barge into my side.


"I'm so sorry." A deep yet soft voice spoke. I giggled finding the whole incident quite amusing as I began to look at the face of the figure beside me.


"Liam!" I raised my voice in shock as I looked up at the tall figure. Oh no. Everything came back into my mind. I felt Harry wrap his arm around me from behind and suddenly I was filled with guilt.


"Hey." He spoke again his eye line switching from me, to Harry and then back to me. We all spoke for a moment asking the usual questions, 'how are you?' 'What have you been up to?' etc. But, then the conversation changed as it began to become to an end. Liam looked down at me before speaking.


"Kase, I need to give you a call later." He paused waiting for me to reply but I just looked at him confused. Why does he need to call me exactly?


"We need to talk, birthday presents." He then gestured to Harry and his face fell confused.


"Dude, its October..." Harry said with a chuckle.


"I know, there's nothing wrong with a little forward thinking." Liam chuckled too and I nodded as if I just remembered why he wanted to call. But I had absolutely no clue. There was no way on earth it was going to be about birthday presents. But I guess I'll soon find out.


A/N- Another short one, I know, I apologize.

N xx

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