The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


9. Connected.

The room was quiet. I sat there wondering which one of us would end the awkward silence first. It wasn't going to be me, that's for sure. I sat and raided my brain for something interesting to say, but there was nothing. Normally you wouldn't be able to shut me up but today, with him, nothing. I kept finding my mind getting distracted by the memories of us both, the laughs and...the bad stuff to. But none of that mattered at the moment. It was all about here and now.


"I missed you, you know." I spoke before I could stop myself, causing Liam to turn in my direction his eyes widening slightly. He smiled in reply then spoke.


"I missed you too." His smiled only stayed upon his face momentarily before fading.


"So, how are you and Harry?" His voice changed, lowered as he questioned me. A part of me was shocked to hear him ask but then I remembered that he knew about the bruises Harry gave me.


"Good." I simply replied smiling in return.


"Did you meet any girls at camp?" I continued and a quiet chuckle escaped him.


"Yes, there were girls there." Liam spoke as he continued to laugh.


"So...?" I spoke trying to persuade him to tell me all about it. I'm not going to lie; I didn't really want to know about time he had spent with other girls. I'm so selfish. I have a boyfriend yet I get jealous when he is with other girls. This is so not right. 'You had your chance Kasey. Now just forget about it.' I thought to myself.


"Well, none of them compared to you." Liam spoke as he sent a wink in my direction. Shocked doesn't even begin to explain the way I was feeling. I just giggled in reply and could feel my cheeks turning pink. I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. What was happening? I quickly stood from the sofa clearing my throat a little.


"You don't mind if I get myself a glass of water do you?" I questioned trying to act as natural as possible.


"Of course not, go ahead." Liam replied chuckling and then I left the room.


Once in the kitchen a brief breathe of relief escaped me. I walked nervously through the room searching for the cupboard that had the glasses. When I found where they were kept I struggled on my tiptoes stretching up to try and reach one. Just as my hand became millimetres away from the glass a larger one appeared from over my shoulder, leaning over me and getting the glass down. I turned to see a towering Liam only a small distance away from me. For a moment I had to catch my breath, just his presence making me feel lustful. He smiled down at me then I watched as he walked over to the sink his muscles flexing as he turned the tap, filling my glass with cool water.


"Tap water is fine right?" He questioned and my mind was dazzled back to reality.

"Y-yeah, sure." I hesitated taking the glass from his hands.


"Thanks." I politely said as I took a sip and then placed the clear glass onto the kitchen top.


"Championships soon..." Liam announced breaking the silence that had occurred.


"I know." I simply acknowledged with a small smile, trying not to make eye contact and twiddling my fingers on the counter.


"I'm gunna' miss you again." Liam continued as his hand was gently placed on top of mine. I momentarily froze before replying.


"You won't need to miss me...I'm coming with you." I spoke softly as I pulled my hand away and turned to face him. I watched as his face fell disappointed at my action but quickly cheered up when my comment sunk in.


"You're coming?! That's great!" Liam's enthused voice rang through the house as a contagious grin appeared on his face causing a big smile to appear on mine to. The room then fell quiet again and I found myself becoming mesmerised by his amazing smile. My eyes travelled up his face to his deep hazel eyes finding myself becoming mesmerised by them as well. Then without realizing until it was too late I had leant myself on the edge of the counter and knocked the glass of water onto the floor.


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I frantically shouted as I began to start cleaning it up.


"No, no don't worry about it. I'll sort it." Liam's soft voice reassured as he placed his hands on my hips and lifted me onto the kitchen top. I stayed sat there studying him as he dried up the water and swept up the glass, his toned muscles moving perfectly together. Once he had disposed of the broken glass he walked back over to me. 


"So, are you gunna' tell me what you got up to at camp?" I spoke questioning him about the unanswered query I had earlier, but he didn't say anything. Liam just took a couple steps forward so he was now standing between my legs, his eyes not leaving mine for one second. He then raised his hand and I was a little confused as he began to run his thumb gently over my forehead. My eyebrows furrowed at the concerned look on Liam's face as he continued to it, and then I remember. The scar. I had about an inch long scar on my forehead from a while back when Harry had lost his temper. That night I went to Liam for help. That's when it all started. 


"It's ok. I hardly notice it now." I lied with a small smile. Liam's gaze left the scar on my head and travelled to my eyes, a concentrated look upon his face as he intently stared into them. He knew I was lying. His hazel eyes stayed fixed to mine, his touch slowly moving across my skin and down my face. Our eyes still connected as I then feel his large palm on the side of my neck, his fingers resting on my nape and his thumb runs across my jaw line. A strange feeling fills my body as the moment seems to mesmerize us both. I move my hand, resting it on his chest as I feel Liam's free hand move to my back. He gently pushes me closer to the edge of the kitchen top decreasing the distance between us. I rap my legs around his waist, his warm chest brushing mine as he leans in towards me. My heart beat quickens as butterflies arise in my stomach. Is this really happening? Liam continues to lean in and the closer he gets the more nervous I become. But he stops. Millimetres away from my lips, I can feel his breathe against my skin sending goose-bumps over my body. He pushes me closer towards him closing the final distance between our bodies as I tighten my legs around him. His hazel eyes still stare into mine and the only sound that can be heard is our uneven breathes. Liam then leans himself in again, our noses brushing as his forehead leans against mine. His thumb slowly moves from my jaw line to underneath my chin, guiding my head upwards slightly. He then freezes again and I can see in his eyes he knows this is wrong and for a moment I am unsure about what he'll do next. Until our lips make contact. He kisses me strongly just once. His soft lips parting mine for a few seconds after, before roughly joining them again. Our lips move together in harmony and I can feel Liam's heart begin to beat faster and faster as the kiss becomes more heated. I then wrap my arms around his neck not parting our lips as he lifts me up from the kitchen top and begins to carry me through the house. I'm not totally sure where he's taking me at the moment, I don't even think he knows as every few seconds I find myself being bumped into different objects and Liam apologizing through the kiss. I then feel my back being pushed up against a cold wall as the make out session continues and one of his hands begins to slip underneath my shirt. An extreme tingling sensation suddenly begins to take over my body as I feel his soft skin run along my side. Liam's lips then part with mine as his kiss begins to travel to my neck. My hand fists the back of his shirt as he begins to suck gently on my neck. Then his kiss continues to travel downward and reality hits me. 


"Liam..." I say as one of my hands pushes against his chest. But he just lets out a moan into my neck as he sucks harder.


"Liam." I repeat a little more stern as I push slightly harder. He then raises his head up and looks down at me.


"What about Harry?" I question and then he gently lowers me back to the ground. 



A/N- Sooo...what do you guys think about what's just happened? xx

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