The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


1. Broken Angel.

The lights soon fell dim and the room quite. Practically silent in fact. The only noises breaking the eerie nothingness were the odd faint whispers of dealers and people placing last minute bets. As the silence prolonged the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke filled my sinuses as I gripped onto the large hand of the person beside me. The atmosphere of the room grew more and more tense as the seconds past. People sat on the edge of their seats waiting. Some gripping onto their bottles of alcohol while others stared intently at the two hefty contestants. The whole room fell to complete utter stillness as the footsteps of the two men approaching each other echoed throughout the room. Stood only with a small distance between them people began to edge forwards, muscles tensed and breath's hitched in chests. Until the bell rang.


The room was immediately brought to life as people jumped from their seats bellowing and shouting towards the centre of the room. Their voices bounced from wall to wall, echoing as the first contact was made. A forceful punch to the jaw didn't go a miss as the crowd roared. My hand gripped tighter to the person beside me, both fear and adrenalin firing through my body. The tall green eyed fighter momentarily caught my stare and sent me a small wink, the whole room mentally slowing into a time warp, forcing a slight smile to appear on my face. But that was soon wiped clean off when he found himself distracted for one second to many and a forceful punch in the stomach caused him to curl over in pain. My mouth dropped as I began to feel guilty that the cause of his pain was my fault. As he stayed gripping his stomach the other contestant took his chance to throw a few more punches into his sides, oblivious to his victim's fists beginning to clench. I watched as his beautiful emerald eyes quickly darkened and his whole body began to tense. It was like a switch. It just took one flick and he was a completely different person. Violent. Deadly. Suddenly he stood straight up towering over the other contestant, his dominant and intimidating body with not one muscle relaxed. He began to vigorously jab at the other guys’ stomach in attempt to distract him from the punch he was throwing with the other fist. In a split second he had drawn blood to the face of his opponent. A part of me wasn't sure whether the blood was from the guys face or my hero's fist but the violent blow could be heard throughout the crowded hall. The next few moments were full of shocking hits from both guys, my stomach turning at every thump and crunch I heard. Numerous cuts and bruises began to emerge as the bare-knuckled battle continued. Drips of crimson blood now marking the platform they fought upon. My heart remained pounding at my chest as the crowd carried on shouting and bellowing at the competitors. All it took was that final hit. A forceful blow to the jaw and the countdown began. The once strong body now lead slumped on the platform. 10...Eyes closed. Blood trickling over the surface of the weakened lump. Bruised. Breathing uneven. Idle. Crowd silenced. 5...4...3...2...1... And it was all over.


The crowd suddenly came to life once more, some people cheering at the victory and others distraught at the outcome and loss of money that they had wasted on bets. The champion was rapidly congratulated by friends and members of the crowd, receiving several bear hugs and pats on the back before being briskly guided away from the scene. I spaced out for a moment. Still in shock of what I had just witnessed. 


"Kasey?" A muffled noise blurred into the loud reaction of the crowd.


"Kasey?" An echoing raised voice brought me back to reality and I quickly turned to the guy standing beside me, his small smile somewhat comforting.


"Come on, let’s get out of here." The towering guy firmly took my hand escorting me from the room. Images of the fight replayed in my mind as I was walked down a small corridor. The noise of the crowd slowly faded as we continued to walk but then I began to hear laughter and talking. The guy still held my hand guiding me safely into a small room where a group of people stood. As we entered he cleared his throat and quickly after the group of people dispersed around the room clearing the view of a table they were surrounding. 


"Hey babe." A husky voice greeted. A small smile began to appear on my face as my eyes found themselves checking out a muscular male leant on the edge of the table. But my smile quickly fell as I noticed the cuts and bruises covering his body. The guy beside me still held my hand as he began to walk me closer.


"She's still a little shocked." He chuckled as we stood in front of the broken angel and he let go of my hand. With no hesitation I immediately dove my arms around his neck holding him close. His battered arms quickly found their way around my waist still as strong as ever. After a few moments I pulled away, looking down at his bruised abs. I gently ran my fingers across the black and purple marks as he shivered in pain. 


"Harry...I told you I shouldn't have come." I guiltily announced a small tear escaping from my eye. Harry then raised his large hand to my face, wiping away my tear with his thumb. He then gently raised my face to look up at him, his eyes sparkling in the light.


"I needed you here. You're my good luck charm." He spoke with a soft voice as a smile grew on his perfect face. I then smiled back as he placed a soft and passionate kiss onto my lips.


A/N- Hey everyone! Was soo excited for you all to read this. Quite proud of it. :') What do you all think? Excited that 'The Fight.' is back? Let me know! xxx

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