The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


3. Boot Camp.

There were police cars everywhere. The blue and red flashing lights reflected off of the windows of the many houses that crowded the street. People gathered around and watched as the person they had feared for so long would be dragged out from the derelict property and forced into the back of the vehicle at anytime now. Parents urged their children to go back into their houses as men in uniform began to bring out white bags and boxes full of weapons and drugs. Then the public began to cheer as member by member the gang were brought out in handcuffs. Justice.


The credits began to roll as Harry and I led together on the comfy sofa. I yawned feeling a little tired after such a long night. Then reached over Harry grabbing the T.V controller and turning it off before laying back down onto the warmth of his chest.


"Good choice." I say in a weak voice.


"Told you it would be good." Harry replied and I could sense the smirk on his face as he gently began to run his fingers through my hair. 


"I wonder how Liam's getting on." Harry continued to talk and I smiled at the thought of him.


"Thought you would have called him, to let him know you won?" I asked questioning him slightly. Liam was currently in Sheffield at a professional boxing boot camp. He was planning on getting some serious training so that in a couple of week’s time he could enter for the world championships with Harry. 


"Naah, it’s too late now. I'll call him tomorrow." He replied glancing over at the clock. 


"Harry. You know he'll just be up all night waiting if you don't call." I spoke as I drew random spirals and swirls lightly onto his chest with my finger.


"You call him then, but I'll speak to him tomorrow." Harry moodily replied.


"Only a few weeks and you'll be in the championships." I forced enthusiasm in my voice to try and lighten the mood. As I tilted my head to look at him I noticed his face turn disappointed at my comment.


"Aren't you looking forward to it?" I questioned confused by his reaction.


"Well, I would be but I probably won't make it there." Harry's comment shocked me. As much as I hated him fighting there was one thing I was certain of, he was dam good at it!


"Of course you will babe, you fight amazingly!" I sat up a little and as I spoke my enthusiasm grew.


"It's not that..." Harry paused for a moment brushing his fingers through his hair. 


"I doubt we'll be able to afford it." My eyes instantly widened as the words left his mouth.


"Why...?" I asked cocking up an eyebrow.


"Well the money I won at the last fight, against Fletcher, I used to pay for Liam's boot camp fees." Harry nervously said as my eyes widened even further.


"He told me he got a scholarship!" I exclaimed and Harry smirked. 


"He just wanted you to think that he is an amazing boxer." He chuckled as he gently encouraged my head to rest back onto his chest.


"But he is." I answered swiftly and Harry agreed. I was quite surprised at the way I was feeling. A part of me was happy that Harry and Liam may not be able to go, but another part of me was disappointed. This was what they had been working towards. World championships. The amazing thing about it was that they got to travel all over the world to fight before the finals in New York. Well that’s if they could afford the travel. But that's when it hit me. They could go! And I knew just how. 


A/N- Helloo everyone! Sorry this chapter is quite short. But, let me know what you thought of it! :) Love you loads! xxx

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