The Fight Part Three. (1D)

Everything is going perfectly or so she thinks. But, as usual everything changes when it comes down to Harry and his violent ways. Anger, change and an inspirational journey will lead Kasey into meeting a new friend. Someone who understands her and helps make one of the hardest discissions of her life.

Will Kasey learn to cope with Harry's agression or will she return to the comforting arms of Liam Payne?


17. A/N

Hey guys, I am so, so extremely very sorry for not updating in absolutely ages! My life has been super difficult with college, looking at universities and a whole bunch of other things that I will not bore you with. Also, I haven't been updating because my college has blocked movellas for the computers because of "sexual content" I mean, seriously!! ANYWAY... GOOD NEWS! I am writing right now, so hopefully a new chapter should be up soon for those of you who are still sticking around. :) Thank you guys! Love you all! 


N xx

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