Friends With Benefits (Completed)

Holly Winters is an 18- year old make up artist. And still a virgin. But when she starts working for One Direction and she gets caught up with Harry Styles, a handsome and seducing guy, she realizes that she likes him when it comes to "benefits", and when they arrange a deal that can change their lives forever, how will they overcome it?


2. Chapter Two

It was my first day as a makeup artist. And let me tell you something, I’m not really fond of who I’m putting makeup on. It’s a band who calls themselves “One Direction”.

Okay, I may have heard of them, but I never really paid attention. I was hoping to be assigned to Jennifer Lopez or Katy Perry or even Barbra Streisand. But, no. I was assigned to One Direction.

After graduation, each one will be assigned to a band, singer or even TV shows and movies. I wanted to try Walking Dead, you know, so I could meet Norman Reedus. Or maybe even Glee. All my life I wanted to be part of that TV show just to sing it all out. But then, again, I was assigned to One Direction.

My best friend, Kiera, was assigned to Maroon 5 and I was so jealous. She was jealous of me too. She said that One Direction was hotter than Maroon 5 and I couldn’t believe she said that.

Right now, I’m fixing my stuff in the dressing room, preparing the make up for One Direction. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my mouth and I yelped.

“Ssshh.” The guy said. He had curly hair and really beautiful green eyes. He also had this British accent and his other hand was wrapped around my waist.

“Hey! We lost him!” A guy with Blonde hair said to a guy who had a microphone tattoo.

“I guess so.” The other guy said. “Let’s just get out of here and inform Liam and Louis.”

We waited for 2 more minutes ‘till he lets me go and I take a better look at him. “Sorry.” He apologized. “We’re playing hide and seek.”

I chuckled and looked at him. “It’s okay. Just make sure to stop scaring people.”

He laughed too. He had this really cute dimple and smile. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He held out his hand for a shake.

“Holly.” I said and I took his hand to shake it.

“Holly!” I heard someone call me. At first I thought it was Harry practicing my name or something but it was just Lou, the one who assigned me here. “Oh.” She said after she saw Harry. “You two finally met.”

“We did. Why?” I asked.

“Well, he’s one of the guys you’re assigned with.”

What? Him? Seriously? After that, I didn’t have the courage to turn around and look back at Harry. He’s one of them?

“She’s the one, Lou?” Harry asked. “Well, good job. She’s gorgeous.”

Lou smiled. “She sure is.”

I rolled my eyes. What a flirt. “I- I need air.” I pushed myself toward the door and let myself out. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed Kiera, but it quickly goes to voice mail.

Hey! This is Kiera, and if I don’t answer, it probably means I’m putting make up on Adam Levine and I don’t want to be disturbed or I’m making out with him. Call me later!

I sighed. Good for her she’s having fun. I locked my phone and I took a deep breathe and went back inside. This time, there were four more. Two of them were the ones I saw a while ago and the other two must be Liam and Louis.

“Holly! Come over here!” Lou called. I quickly went to her and she took a hold of my curly blonde hair.

“Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis. This is Holly.”

“Heyyo!” they all said in unison.

“Uh. Hey.” I smiled.

Louis, the one with the stripped shirt, carried me and twirled me around. “Welcome to the family!”

“Thanks, Louis.”

“Well.” Lou scoffed. “You should start fixing them up. They have a photo shoot coming. ” I nodded and took my bag.

All of them went inside separate rooms I haven’t noticed before. Each room had a star and their name on it.


I went to Niall’s room first. It was packed with all kinds of food I’ve never seen before.

“Oh. Hey Holly!” he was fishing through his mini fridge and showed me a pint of ice cream. “Want some? It’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.”

“No thanks.” I smiled.

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

It was a challenge fixing Niall. I had to prevent him from smudging ice cream on his face. At first, I asked him if he could just eat later but he refused and told me that he needs it badly.

After him, I went to Zayn’s.

“Oh, hey Zayn. Here to fix your face.” I said, showing him my makeup kit.

“Sure. C’mon in.”

After him was Liam’s. He was okay and normal. His room was really neat and he was fun to talk too. After him was Louis. I wanted Harry to be the last because I want to avoid him as much as possible. And I probably won’t have to fix him ‘cause he got so tired of waiting that he let Lou do it.

“Come in.” Louis called. He was watching this photo shoot of a girl that was really beautiful. I stopped dead in my tracks just to stare at her.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” Louis said.

I nodded. “Very.”

“She’s my girlfriend. Eleanor.”

“Wow. Luck you.” I joked.

He chuckled. “Yes. Lucky me.”

We continued to talk about him and Eleanor until the topic went to Harry.

“Hey, love.”

“What is it?”

“Be careful of Harry, alright?” he sounded really concerned that I blushed really red.

“What- What do you mean?”

He spun his chair around to face me and I looked at his really baby blue eyes. “Just don’t get too emotionally attached. He may make you feel good but he’s never really taken things seriously.”

“I- I- Thanks.” I faked a smile and continued to finish his make up. As soon as I finished, I fixed my stuff and headed out the door.

“Good luck.” Louis called out.

I looked back at him and smiled. “Yeah.”

As soon as I closed the door, I took a deep breath and headed toward Harry’s door. I knocked and every sound it made, gave me the chills.

“Come on in.” he called.

I went inside and turned to him. “Hey.”

“Hey.” He answered. I walked toward him and prepared the make up. I placed on some powder and while placing it, our faces were so close that any kind of movement can make us kiss.

“Oh, shoot.” He said and suddenly he yanked the powder away and grabbed my head. He pushed his lips on mine and I melted. I remembered Louis’s words and tried to break free but his kiss was so magical. He stopped for a second to look at me and I looked back at him. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t tell him to stop. I liked it. I like him. He grabbed my legs and placed it around his waist and he carried me toward the door and locked it. Holy shit.He had me against the wall and suddenly he was taking my shirt off while my hands moved on its own and unbuttoned his polo. He groaned and kissed my neck.


He continued to kiss me so hard that I think that my lips are starting to bleed. His hands moved down to my skirt and then under it. He was so good. His fingers were inside me and every time it went back in, it went faster and deeper.

“Harry. No.” I moaned. I pushed him weakly and he angrily took my skirt off.

“That’s what you get for moaning my name so sexy.” He whispered.

I didn’t get him but I continued to be immobilized. He licked every part of my body and I helplessly just closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt a lick in my clit. I moaned some more when he pushed his fingers deep inside me, again and again.

He may make you feel good but he’s never really taken things seriously.

After remembering Louis’s words, I pushed him hard and I took a hold of my shirt, and moved away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“We- we just met!” I screamed. I started to cry softly and looked down.

He chuckled. “All right. I’m sorry.” He stood up and fixed his jeans. After, he looked down at me and brought his hand out. I just looked at it for how many minutes, shocked at what happened.

“Oh no?” he smiled. He bent down and carried me toward his chair and placed me in it. He covered my bare back with his polo and he stared at the mirror and placed powder at himself. “Looks like I’ll be putting makeup on myself.”

“I- I-” I was frozen solid.

“Hey.” He said. “I’m sorry.” He fixed my messed up hair and tied it in a bun. “You were just really… Beautiful. That’s all.”

I smiled weakly. “It’s okay. And you weren’t that bad” Truth is, it wasn’t okay and he wasn’t “that bad”. He was perfect in every movement. In every kiss. I liked it. I liked what happened between us. I know this is rare but some of me wished we didn’t stop.

He laughed. “The thing is, I know you loved it. And I have a great deal for you.” His smile was so seductive that I felt my insides melt. “Why don’t we stay friends?”

I smiled awkwardly. Wasn’t that obvious? “Uh, sure?”

He shook his head and held my hands. “But this is special. Have you watched friends with benefits?”

I nodded.

He beamed. “THAT kind of friendship.”

And with that, I was speechless.

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